Friday, September 16, 2016

How Do You Identify Your Mojo?

Pravin offered this weeks topic. Lets begin by trying to define mojo

Merriam-Webster says mojo is: a power that may seem magical and that allows someone to be very effective, successful, etc..

With that definition as a starting point for this exercise, I suppose it behooves me to define my own mojo. Frankly it is not something I have ever spent much time worrying about, sculpting or in any way considered important. Taking a SWAG (scientific wild-assed guess) I think my mojo is centered around affability and honesty. 

Being a big guy, I have usually attempted to be anything but intimidating in interactions with others - unless in a debate/argument scenario or in sports.. Even then, I try to be straight forward and matter of fact, usually trying to win with facts. (Of course I have been taught techniques to use in a debate to win and have on occasion used them.) And sports? Lets just say I am naturally competitive in some ways and physically gifted enough to do fairly well.

Does my mojo work? I was an excellent salesman - even though  I hated every minute of the job.  My dumb-jock persona served me  well over the years. It fit in with my inherent shyness and allowed me to pick and choose my moments to be less than (more than?) the big, friendly quiet guy. In high school I always tried to be anything but that Big Man on Campus  type jock that intimidated the nerdy kids - in fact when called on to pick teams in PE  I typically picked the nerdy kids first. Looking back,I suppose that fueled  my mojo then - but it was not   a conscious thing.

Am I successful? That is a good question.  My core group of friends has remained relatively constant for over 50 years. It includes a dentist, an airline pilot, a park ranger, an architect and a successful medical supplies entrepreneur.  Compared  to them I have to say I have not been successful. I grew up primarily bored and other than baseball never developed a passion for anything as they all did. And we all know the passion for baseball did not work out. But - I have 2 kids and 5 grand kids. Lynn and I were together for 45 years until that "til death do us part" clause kicked in and she passed away. I take that to mean I got a few things right and had my mojo working on most if not all cylinders in that regard. So does that success identify my mojo? Dunno. If financial success is the key to your definition then I suspect not.  Lucky for me, I have always had enough financial success to get by - regardless how much money I made.

So has this week's topic's question been answered?  I am a big, friendly fellow of above average intelligence with a few very loyal friends and a somewhat dysfunctional family and I never got rich. Is that mojo or misfortune? You make the call as I am really like Popeye - I am what I am and that's all what I am.

Check out my LBC cohorts take on this weeks topic at these links - Ramana and  Pravin.

See ya next week, same bat time; same bat channel.


  1. you had me at "in fact when called on to pick teams in PE ... i typically picked the nerdy kids first."
    that's a real man to me.
    and then it just got better and better.
    i'd say you found your mojo early on and it bode and is still boding you well.
    bode and boding. what weird words.
    but you know what i mean. cool mojo shack!

  2. Yes, the question has been answered and by now, I did not need your elaborate answers. I had more or less thought that this would be the line you would take! How is that for ESP?

    1. Is there a tangible difference between ESP and Synchronicity????