Friday, September 2, 2016

The Purpose of Life LBC 09/02/2016

This weeks topic comes from our occasional contributor Pravin. Pavin is a very serious, thoughtful young man so it is no surprise his suggestion would be one requiring serious thought.

I'm going with this definition:

 "Try and be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now and then, get some walking in and try and live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations"

I believe it  covers most, if  not all of the bases.  I am  also quite sure many of my friends and acquaintances will not agree with me.

I have friends and acquaintances representing many religious ilks and I am sure a fair number of them think a life without fear of god cannot be a  purposeful life. Those with an Eastern philosophy driving their beliefs reject fear-based beliefs but they place other conditions on life and its purpose.

Me? I suppose I am  something of a hybrid. I have never been able to reconcile a loving god with one who supposedly  creates a flawed being -m aka us -  allegedly offers free will but then says if you do not do exactly what I say you will not make it to the other side. I am told that is what faith is all about. My friends  Dave and Lyn are both fine folks  Dave even goes as far as saying he hates religion. On this he and I are in agreement - religion is people based for the most part. Dave simply says read and follow the bible. The purpose of life then is simply  living a godly life by following the teachings of Jesus in the bible. Dave is most sincere in his beliefs and they do work well for him. Now Lyn and I have not had many discussions on this matter but she is quite religious. Her concern for me and  my soul are heartfelt and honest. 

There are a few folks that simply will no longer interact with me as to them I am simply an atheist.. Oh well. I'll have to muddle through the remainder of my life sans a few faux friends.

I appreciate Dave and Lyn's concern but I simply cannot accept the premise of their faith. I am more in the Thomas Jefferson school. Take away the magic and Jesus leaves a powerful footprint for a moral life based upon his teachings and the way he lived his life. Dave simply thinks Jefferson got it wrong. I am not so sure. I have said several times in the past that I fall into this category:

As luck would have  it, I am at an age where the term circling the drain is appropriate. That would seem to make it imperative that I come to a decision sooner rather than later but  I will not simply say OK - I will be a believer. That is a lie I will not offer. So to me the purpose of life will remain
 "Try and be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now and then, get some walking in and try and live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations".

Check  Ramana's take on this weeks topic here. Pravin's blog can be found  at this link - Pravin.


  1. Well you can add me as another unbeliever, & I think you have got the meaning of life pretty much right.
    Regards, Keith.

  2. Just left my mark on Ramana's take of purpose - you touching on both, namely "determination to ..." and the eternal question "Why are we here at all?"

    I am not surprised religion popped into your mind. We are so clueless why we are here, that religious belief fills the void for the anxious many. Nay, I say, be fearless. Enjoy it whilst it lasts, hate it at times, do your time as best you can, causing little damage and passing on some joy - as you say. Don't rely on a god to give your life a "higher" purpose/meaning because you quiver at thunder and lightning, earthquakes and floods, or even just your own thoughts at three in the morning. As you know, I am not knocking other people's believes, particularly if those believes give them momentary, temporary relief. But, when you back over history to this day, at what cost to so many this "comfort"?

    As to death bed conversions. Don't Shackman. You'll hate yourself for it in the afterlife. Little is cast in stone, but sometimes we have to be able to look ourselves into the eye and know we have stood by our innermost principles. And for that no one burns to hell and no one goes to heaven.

    Other than that, my dear Shackman, an expression new to me and how very poetic, "circling the drain".


  3. I am fully with you on your purpose of life and like Ursula, am fascinated by the phrase "Circling the drain." And as usual, you have also come up with the most appropriate music!

  4. Awesome uncleji (Here Uncle is English word and Ji what we add to anyone for respect; we show in India).

    I loved reading your blog, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

    On religion my perspective is - if god created us, he created all of us equal and without any flaw. Then our ego or perception took over and we messed it up. And if god did not create us why bring him/her inbetween?

    The song is also wonderful. I rarely listen to English songs so this singer was new to me. In fact I am pleasantly surprised with it.

    1. is not ego a flaw? hence a not so perfect creation? Gotta agree that we messed it up - big time. How were we created? was a method of natural selection created and left to run its course?

    2. Ego I believe is our own creation. If actually god created everything he owns the ownership of good or bad everything. If the creation's creation created something that something could be flawed.

      I am fine putting the blame on anyone or everyone who cares?

      As of now I believe more in natural selection with a benefit of doubt to god. Perhaps he created something and left it on the evolutionary cycle who knows? Why worry.

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