Friday, March 31, 2017


This week's topic was suggested by Ramana. Effectiveness - the degree to which something is successful in producing a desired result; success.

These days they seem to call these things "metrics".  You measure the effectiveness of something by checking its metrics.

So how effective has your life been? That depends on the metrics you value. Money in the bank? Successful marriage? Successful kids? Good friends?

The metrics you pick matter because  happiness does not always equate with good metrics - I know  lot of unhappy people with fat bank accounts. I know very few unhappy people that have successful marriages or happy kids. And most happy people I know have what they consider good friends.

I suppose it is natural at this stage of  life - the circling the drain stage - to reflect on one's life and offer some conclusions as to whether or not that life has been effective. Will you be leaving the world a better place than it would be without your presence? Sorry folks - I am not interested in public exposure of my life. Those who know me well have a clear notion of what I think.

That is it for this weeks topic. It frankly proved more personal than I expected. Be sure to touch base with my LBC  cohorts to see what they have to say.  





  1. Wonder if reaching a desired result, however effectively done, always means other than just that -- the desired result has been reached? Are there degrees of success?

  2. The desired result aspect of effectiveness can often be the cause for a lot of frustration if it is not as per the expectations. In living life if we can accept that the result can be of any of the four following, exactly the same, something different, something which is the opposite or something much better than expectation, one can live a life of acceptance effectively.

    You indeed have lived a life of effectiveness, as i think, I have too.