Thursday, May 11, 2017


History. A straightforward topic. Could not be any easier - unless you are looking for the truth. Then, perhaps things are not so straightforward.

Let's take Native American history for example. When told from a white man perspective, do you think it reads the same as from a Native American perspective? History is history, is it not?  We conquered them in battle and then we gave them land to build their "new" lives on. Such benevolent conquerors.

But we devastated their culture, took away their real lands and lied on most if not every treaty we made with the Native Americans.  Is that the same history from both sides of the equation? Bear in indthat history is typically written/recorded by the winners.

Consider next the enormous economic and industrial expansion that is the hallmark of the U.S.A.. Consider the industrialists here in the US that were known as Robber Barons - people that would do anything to get rich. Here is a list of some -

The people here are listed as  Robber Barons or in the various sources,

  • Surely there are some recognizable names there. Their businesses provided much of the growth that helped make the U.S.A.the wealthy giant we are today, but their business practices would in many cases be illegal, immoral or both. But that is rarely discussed because of how their history was written.
Times were different back then. It was the time of colonial expansion around the world. AT one time or another world powers included Spain, Portugal, Holland and of course England.  The landscape is much different these days.

Now, more than ever, alternative histories that attempt to tell the whole story are appearing. Gain the full historical perspective on any given time/event. Not surprisingly there is some resistance in certain quarters. Be sure to check multiple sources just as you should for news about current events. Remember - if we do not learn from history we are doomed to repeat it - or at least repeat its errors. 

One final thought - it is not my intent to question every historical record - I am merely suggesting that you exercise caution and use good sense when studying history..  Now please excuse me while I research aligator canons..


Now more than ever alternative histories oare appearing. Histories that tell a full story - offering both sides of events. Now you can read the whole story and gain the perspective of both sides in the story. Of course, that is a source of severe consternation for some, and simply righting a wrong to others. It is up to you to decide where you fall in that equation.


  1. Yes, "Now more than ever alternative histories oare appearing." And that is the thrust of my post on the subject. It however has a twist in that the revision to our history is being spearheaded by non Indians!

    1. Perhaps they have no dog in the hunt as it were and can simply see the entire picture and report it - but India is so diverse it does surprise me a bit

  2. Well said. College, reading and visits to places like Plymouth Colony have helped broaden my perspective, but what we were fed in high school was really sanitized and biased to present the official package.

  3. Native Americans DID get a VERY RAW DEAL. That said, I don't feel personally responsible for what happened so long ago. These days, Native Americans are doing quite well being the primary casino owners across the United States. Good for them. As for their traditional culture, they are not prohibited from practicing it. If they aren't, they're making that choice just as we all make choices about life. I have a great deal of respect for the Navajo tradition. They live up the highway from here. I have the same respect for the Apache nation who also live nearby. As people, one on one, we get along just fine. We all live for today, today is good.

    1. I have a minor disagreement - their culture and lives were built on their lifestyle that was radically changed, They did not adapt well and I am with you I do not feel responsible. And I do not gamble beyond the occasional lottery ticket so they will have to extract "payback"rom someone else - LOL

  4. As chuck rightly pointed out, the history told to us and actual history may very well vary. Never hurts to question. Heck, in an ideal day and age, to question would be considered a moral imperative than just an annoyance.

  5. I couldn't agree more that careful selection of accounts of history matters, as does the recognition that authors have their own perspectives though they may try to be unbiased with the facts. Certainly the American Indians have been portrayed and treated in a disgraceful if not criminal manner. Even truths about slavery are emerging, shedding light on aspects of that institution previously not described.

    History as it was taught when I was in school, I learned in later years, was very limited in acutual in depth facts -- surface facts only, or even as one might wish them to be. I believe history in schools would be much more stimulating to study if events, viewpoints, issues were presented warts and all -- just as are the lives we all live. Our forefathers and mothers were not gods and goddesses. Many seemingly grand noble acts that occurred were actually motivated by base crass motives that somehow turned out well.