Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sunrise or Sunset

This week's topic was my idea.  Sunrise or sunset. Start the day or end the day. What is your preference?  

Honestly, it is a tough question - a fresh cup of coffee and depending upon the season, a warm jacket makes almost any sunrise special.  I have been to the spot this shot was taken - it is one of my favorite places in the world - Monterey Bay in California. It is one of the many reasons I miss northern California - the best place I have ever lived.

The only negative about loving a sunrise is the early hour you need to get up to view that sunrise - unless of course, you are young enough to have been out all night and just happen to catch a sunrise that way. In my youth, I confess that happened on occasion. And on several of those occasions I had be to work by 8:00 AM - those were long days and much coffee was consumed.  

Sunsets are equally as lovely and typically much easier to view unless you work the night shift. Here is a shot of San Francisco at sunset - 
another of my favorite places and yes - another reason I miss California. I am not sure where the photographer was when this shot was taken - perhaps on a bay cruise or across the bay in Berkeley or Emeryville. I used to hang out at a great seafood restaurant in Berkeley called Spangers.  I have been away for so long it is now part of a large chain. But it did not have this view - even before several drinks. The seafood and sourdough bread were compensation for the missing view.

Ultimately I ll go with the sunrise as my preferred choice. It is the start of a new day, a new experience is about to happen. You have a chance to make it a great day. Give it a shot. and whatever happens, a nice glass of wine at sunset is a proper way to end the daylight portion of any day. Hmm - a cold beer is better on a hot summers day though. 

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  1. Ideally, I would like to live on top of a mountain from where I can experience both but since that is not practicable, I have settled for my morning routine about which you will read on my LBC post. Somehow I knew that your take would be on these lines, particularly about missing California.

  2. I am with your sentiment that sunrise brings hope. Never better underlined than by Nina Simone's "Feeling Good" - "a new dawn, a new life".

    One of those songs which make you "feel" indeed - both akuve and a little melancholic.I always feel so stupidly happy when I wake up to a new day. Even if there is potential to keel over a minute later.

    Sunset? Well, there is always the prospect of a sundowner - a most welcome apparition. Other than that - sunsets are the object of many a cheesy photo. Like some people sunsets down don't photograph well. If anybody agreed with me a whole post card industry and their offshoots would collapse. Some things better experienced first hand.

    Wish you were in California if that would make you happy/happier.


    1. Second paragraph "alive". Considering I noticed my typo I take it I still am.

      Cheers, Sante, Chin chin, Prost,

    2. Yep - no doubt about it - you are alive and kicking - excellent musical call too - I love Nina Simone.

  3. As actor Gregory Harrison as Adam Thornton II said in one of my very favorite Christmas movies, "I'll take both!" Cheers :-)

  4. Periods of my life I enjoyed early morning rising. Other times late hours were the order of the day. Recent years I've evolved back to being a night owl. Every time I attempt to reverse the scenario I seem to soon return to long nights into early mornings scheme. I'll see how long this continues.