Thursday, September 28, 2017

Constraints LBC 09/29/2017

This week's topic is Constraints. What is holding you back? Is it lack of money, lack of education or maybe as simple as attitude? Do you need an attitude adjustment? Rules and regulations holding you back?

Business constraints? That is an easy one - regulations. Every business claims regulations make it impossible to do business. Ahem, it was not that many years ago when the auto industry was screaming about seatbelt restraints, mileage objectives and a whole batch of other regulations.  Thee days we jump into our safe, well-regulated cars and oh - yeah - there are several makes.  Those smart enough to comply with the regulations and savvy enough to market their products are successful and profitable.

A balanced budget? Those constraints are part of a larger issue here in the USA. We are in the midst of a cultural civil war of sorts. The far right and the far left monopolize the news cycles and bang their drums loudly. Our government - with one party owning the three branches of government is still seemingly paralyzed and accomplishing very little of consequence, with no change in sight. At this point, a balanced budget and deficit reduction are simply a pipe dream.

Personal constraints? Look back to paragraph one.  Is it lack of money, lack of education or maybe as simple as attitude? Do you need an attitude adjustment? All of these constrain us in life. and they are all relatively easy to address.     Attitude is the one that can impact the others, so it behooves us to pay close attention to our attitudes in life.

Constraints help shape our lives and culture. The USA - for example - is not a Christian nation, it is a nation with primarily Christian faiths and our culture is largely defined by Judeo/Christian values, much to the chagrin of many atheists and members of other faiths. That does not, however, mean Judeo/Christian icons can be displayed in government locations - much to the chagrin of many Christians.  We can't seem to please anyone but we keep plugging along.

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  1. We can have many constraints that vary throughout our lifetime. You've identified some of them. I'm trying to identify what constraints I experience now at this stage of my life. Most of those constraints, real or imagined, I experienced when I was younger as a child, student, employee, independent professional, wife to name just a few have ceased or declined in significance. Different ones have emerged, but are fewer in number, I think. Probably the major constraint i am aware of now in my older age is a physical one in strength and endurance which is less than when I was younger.

  2. I agree with Joared. Constraints vary over a lifetime. One moment you can up it and go, the next you have responsibilities (not least to yourself, to others). One moment you are on the up, the next you fall off the edge of your world as you knew it and believed to be round rather than flat.

    You mention "attitude". One might call it "mind set". Not that either is cast in stone. Neither are they, as you assert, "easily" adjusted. Sure, if I were twenty five now, with hindsight, I'd tweak it to achieve a more advantageous outcome than the one I couldn't foresee. Never mind. I have thrown off many a self imposed shackle and am young enough to shape a pliable dough yet. Please don't throw me some arthritis; it may make me change my tune.

    There is only one way, and it's not down.


  3. You have taken a different approach to the topic than the one that I did. I approached the topic with constraints at my individual life because the external constraints that I had faced in my younger years have diminished in their importance now in my twilight years but my physical constraints have grown in importance.

    Plugging along is the right phrase to use to describe the situation that I am in too.