Friday, November 24, 2017

Drones vs Right to Privacy

So here we are, relaxing in the back yard with a friend and we both hest a whirring sound above us and we look up to see a drone with a cameta hoverimg above us. My friend, a very conservative, alt- right kind of fellow, quietly unholsters his Glock and  calmly blows the drone out of the sky.

There is a shreik followed by the sobs of the neighbor:s 10-year old son. My friend with the Block. simply shtugs and says the kid needs to he taught not to invade the privacy of others without being invited.

The next sound is my irate neighbor shouting and swearing about the dirty SOB that shot his kids toy out of the sky

Imagine if that drone was owned and operated by law enforcement or some other governmemt agency

Many folks alrady resent the use of CCTV and see that as an invasion of their privacy. Drones are the next logical sy in the use of CCTV - the dreaded eye in the sly. History tells us governments often abuse
some legiti!ate tools in their pursuit of criminals. The potential for abuse. Is enormous and serious restrictions need to be in place. We seem to be inching toward a note totalitarian government makes me nervous.

I apologize for the brevity of this LBC entry but of was made using a very small tablet

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  1. Welcome back.

    Had I been sitting with you and had a fire arm, I would have done exactly the same thing that your friend did.

    Both of us have used our gardens to illustrate our take on the subject!!