Thursday, November 30, 2017


This weeks topic comes from Pravin. As is typical of his topics, it requires a bit of thought. How related are these three things? Are they really the same? Atr they synonymous with each other? Can you become so intoxicated with a fantasy that it becomes an obsession?

That is entirely possible and depending on the circumstance the obsession could be harmful. Many a mystery tale has been spun about unchecked obsession that leafs down a dark path. Some of those tales are actually true. Consider the followers of the recently deceased Charles Manson.

Not all obsessions need be harmful. Consider my obsession with the Zodiac Killer - and his string of unsolved murders dating back to the sixties of the last century. Now coupled with my love of the !music of that same era I could, I suppose, become completely obs essed with all things sixties. Alas, I am not. I remain well grounded in the present.

Everyone has fantasies. Some people live in a fantasy world filled with alternate facts and fake news. There is no harm in that, unless of course that person is the President of  the United States and in that world a free press is called the enemy of the people and so-called facts are demonstrably false , regardless what POTUS's spokesperson may sau regarding  the veracity of POYIS's comments not mattering - only his supposed intent matters.

On occasion, intoxication is a good thing. I have posted in the past about the night I met the woman who would become my wife. It is safe to say I found her intoxicating and became obsessed with making the fantasy world I created for us a reality. As we were in together for 45 years I think it is safe to say I succeeded.

Recently a decision was made to disband the LBC. As the song goes, they say that all good things must end some day and for us that will be the last Friday in December.


  1. My dear Shackman, as so often you leave the field wide open as to how to comment without writing an essay of mega proportions.

    When I hear "intoxicated" one meaning springing to mind is not necessarily one to be desired. Neither is obsession. Though dare say we all obsess over something. I can't bring myself to say it out loud but, currently, I most certainly borderline obsess over one aspect of my life I can't do anything about. Not so much the fact itself, as its fallout. One guess, Shackman. Don't.

    Fantasy? Definitely my favourite in your bunch of three. Yes, where reality grounds, fantasy takes fancy flight. Imagination knowing no limits. Dare say, a cousin of "hope", and an offspring of "future".

    LBC disbanding? Now there is a "surprise". It's been shrinking for years. As to marketing the joys of the LBC and recruiting new blood, it's been an abysmal failure. On applying a couple of times I was reminded of the Masons. How does one join a closed brotherhood? No idea. Blood?

    Anyway, it was good whilst it lasted and hooray to good old Ramana, one of the founding fathers with stamina to match, and you, for keeping up the good work for so long.

    I shall miss what has become my Friday morning's reading but dare say the two of you - under your own steam - will continue to come up with many a subject to discuss.


  2. Unsurprisingly you come up trumps Shackman. As Ursula pointed out in my post, Pravin has thrown a curve ball!

    Having read your post and Ursula's comments, I have decided to write to both of you with an idea that I have.