Thursday, January 18, 2018

Commitment. 2 on 1 #4

Commitment - a willingness to dedicate yourself to something.  That's something we all face daily in life. It is something we start at an early age - or at least we should. We should commit to getting the most put of pur educational opportunities on school, to doing our jobs to the best of our abilitities, etc..

Our commitments and our ability to maintain those committments go a long way to determine our success in life. My blogging cohort, Ramana and I have in common a commitment to our respective marriages. We both were primary caregivers to our respective spouses when their health failed after many years together, something we both never gave a second thought to. In my hcase the final 10 years of Lynn's and my life together were dominated by her struggle with Huntington's Disease. I wrote previously about our relationship in February of 2014 here.

Vince Lombardi, a famous, successful American football coach said, "The quality of person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence". If something is worth doing, do it the best you possibly can, whether it seems trivial or not. No job is to trivial to be given anything less than your best effort.

Another fairly simple commitment is that made by Ramana and I to post a weekly blog. Clearly not all commitments are life critical. Some - like the 2-on-1 blog are simply for fun and relaxation. Like nearly everything in life, commitments should help keep a degree of balance. Personally, I think everyone needs to make a commitment to do as little harm as possible and leave the world a better place than it would have been without us.


  1. There are so many facets to "commitment". Since you mention your own and Ramana's respective marriages: I'd highly recommend to not include in marriage vows "till death do us part". It is the hollowest promise (promise being one type of commitment) ever spoken. Of course, the moment the people at the altar say so I am sure they mean it - but who can project into the future? I'd recommend "till, for reasons/circumstances as yet to be seen, we don't wish to be with each other any longer."

    Oddly enough, and it makes me smile in a wistful way, one of the most reliable people I know, someone who prides himself on always keeping his promises, has broken many of them. All of which, naturally, he is perfectly able to explain away.

    I think the best commitments to enter/promises we can make whether to ourselves, others and projects we engage in are those which are not forced upon us, which come naturally to us, not expecting more than their natural lifespan. Above all, if - for whatever reason - we break a promise, or if a commitment has run its course, let's be forgiving of ourselves and hope others will forgive us too (on the whole, they won't - but that's the self righteous for you).


    1. Good points - things are much different than 1972'when we got married. Essentially commitments last as the task for which they are made last and aren't always successful. It'd be nice to win more than was lose.

  2. I agree with Ursula's comments in the modern context. The two of us are archaic. Modern relationships are based on different values.

    I would dearly love to be able to get to meet you personally some day. There will be so much to talk about of mutual interest.

    I have approached the topic in a more light hearted way indicating the hidden value system in commitments and hope that you will enjoy the approach.

    1. Win I win the lottery my first long trip will be to Line, my friend. I may even drag Conrad along LOL.