Thursday, January 4, 2018

Museums. 2 on 1 #1

This week is the first weekly post from 2 on 1 - the dynamic blogging duo otherwise known as Ramana and shackman ☺. Ramana selected Museums as our first topic.

Museums come in all sizes and subjects. My particular favorite is the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.. I visited the museum on July 6,1976. That was a particularly good time to visit D.C. and the museum, being our bicentennial year. Just seeing the selection of flying machines hanging from the ceiling and sitting on the floor is mind boggling.
As you can see by the image, the museum has a substantial footprint. Not only is there much to see, there is much exercise to be had.

Museums offer a place to preserve artifacts and history, and can preserve aspects of history that may be offensive to some but should be preserved. An example of that is the display of Confederate icons of the Civil War as statues on public grounds. Some are offended by the public display of the supporters of slavery while others say we should not deny our history. A reasonable solution seems to be displaying those icons in museums open to the public. It is an example of political correctness that might work for everyone. Of course it can be carried to extremes if you consider that our country was founded essentially by white slave owners.
Like life in general, things are more often shades of gray, not simpler black and white.

Another favorite place of mine is Mesa Verde National Park, where you can explore Anasazi cliff dwellings and visit the Chapin Mesa Archeological Museum. Click this link if you are interested in seeing related info Mesa Verde.

Prior to our interstate highway system becoming s network of freeway systems, there was Route 66. Route 66 passed through the myriad of small towns and past an endless array of small, local musems. Though its glory days are long gone , there are still many Route 66 museums to visit - Route 66 Museums.

That's a quick look at this week's 2 on 1 topic. Be sure to check Ramana's entry here

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  1. A great start Shackman. You will see that I am not a particularly keen museum goer from my take on the subject but, I would gladly visit the NASM Washington any time. The small town museums that you indicate also are fascinating from this distance. As however I have concluded in my post, I think that my museum going days are over.