Monday, March 12, 2018

My life in 3 songs 2-on-1 #11

Anyone who has read any of my previous posts know music is very important to me in many ways.  It always has been thus so what music sums up or gives a reasonable picture of my 68 years here on this third rock from the sun?  Some of you might guess one or more of my choices, some may not care. I see this as a simple exerciise that might be fun, so climb aboard the music express along shackman highway. Whether you agree or not with my choices or do not care , I think I can guarantee at minimum a pleasant musical interlude. The inspiration for the topic was a  SHARE on Facebook that was a picture of Snoopy holding a cup of coffee and on the  page was  this "Lord give me coffee to change the things I can and music to accept the things I can't".

Let's start with this one from the Byrds

Like most of us, I thought I had all of the answers when I was young. My namesake uncle Chuck and I had some monumental discussions about things when I was in college getting a decidedly liberal education. Dylan nailed it in this song with the refrain"Ah but I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now". Hey - maybe I didn't have all of the answers. Neither, it turns out, did Uncle Chuck. 

Being a naturally curious guy, I kept questioning things.  God, spirituality and more. My late friend Pete Dintino was a devout 7th Day Adventist. My experiences with The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints had put me off religion and possibly even the concept of God. (Now understand - most of the LDS members (Mormons) that I know are wonderful people - my issues were/are with the theology and mythology.) Pete  concluded after our many discussions on the matter that I was one of the most truly spiritual people he had ever met - whereas my evangelical friends are convinced I will likely burn in hell. That leads to the next musical selection:

The journey is not complete and the same still rings true. Some accept that while others say I have not asked the correct questions nor accepted the true answer. Something about "God fearing" bothers me. It always has and I suspect it always will. God creates flawed beings in his image, allegedly gives them free will and then hammers them for questioning things.

So here I am - 68 years old and a lifetime of experiences - some good, some bad. I still have questions unanswered and opinions on most things - and life in general?

So that is the end of the journey musically, at least as far as this topic is concerned. Check Ramana"s take on the subject here.


  1. In my post I said "Knowing him as I do, it would be bang on and most appropriate songs." And that is exactly what you have done. My comment on the choice of songs - Absolutely brilliant.

    Sinatra came as a surprise. This is one of his most endearing songs for the piano that accompanies him. The lyrics are fabulous. Great way to sign off Chuck. Like he says, stick around.

    1. Cycles is actually the song that made me a Sinatra fan. The lyrics are especially poignant to me.

  2. this is a fascinating post.
    not just to choose favorite songs? though the ones I chose are favorites of mine. but it made me stop and think how they relate to my life.
    1. is Wanderin' Star. only sung by Lee Marvin.
    as you already know from my post on it. I love it. and connect with it greatly.
    oddly enough being a woman you'd think 'home' had more of a different feeling for me. but moving so much all throughout my childhood left me with a very definite wanderin' spirit to the point I don't much care so long as it is clean and has safe and fresh running water for showers and the loo!
    and not a lot of stuff in it. so it's easy to leave.
    2. this song I absolutely love. and only by Melissa Manchester. Come In from the Rain.
    I love the poignancy of it and the lyrics. I seldom can hear it without getting chills. I can't explain it very well.
    but it is my life with Bob.
    I fully intend to meet Bob James again somewhere someday. it's my song to him. my soul mate. best friend. the lyrics are so beautiful. and she does it justice.
    3. and maybe this one will strike you as odd. but ...
    Peggy Lee and Is That All There Is?
    not sure why. because I'm not a defeatist really. or maybe I am and don't know it? but I don't look at it like that.
    to me it's a little like letting the grass grow by itself maybe. which philosophy I also love. or that we make a big deal out of so many things in this life. even fire and circuses and such.

    I also spent time with a dear person who was a staunch 7th Day Adventist Shack. my beloved little New England Gram.
    I have only one thing to say about your statement. I agree!
    "God fearing" bothers me. It always has and I suspect it always will. God creates flawed beings in his image, allegedly gives them free will and then hammers them for questioning things."
    but I go further than thinking this is a Man's written word.
    not God's.
    I don't know if we're created in his image or not! because how do we even know those words are 'from him?' so many authors in that book that claim this and claim that. if Paul had had his way ("man should never marry") and better that everybody should be celibate and ... well hmmm. might not have been a bad idea after all! less pollution... less cars
    less people!
    yes. I can see Paul might have been on to something. LOL! :)
    and here's one for all the fundamentalists and creationists out there...
    "and Cain slew Able and left the Garden and went into the land of Nod and took a wife."
    where in the sam hill did the wife come from in the land of nod if there were only FOUR people who had been living at that time? unless he'd married a baby sister of his that ran away from home into the land of Nod? good grief.
    Adam. Eve. Cain. Able. (and apparently Cain's wife!) LOL.
    oh Tammy. stop.
    this is turning into War and Peace again. SH

  3. I have the same type of questions as you on religious matters apparently - LOL.

    That is a nice selection of songs you have. As you are a bit older, the Peggy Lee tune is no surprise. My love of music began in earnest with the British Invasion - I loved the Beatles and the DaveClark 5, but I alo love musicals, jazz and such from listening to the albums my folks had at home.

  4. I know! I'm 4 years older than you. and in the music business that can often mean quite a large difference!
    actually my favorite music is mellow instrumental jazz and some reggae (love Jamaican music) and Puccini for opera and the 30's and 40's Paris Bistro music and Italian songs like Al di La ... AND the big band music from my parents' era!
    and from my own... well. who doesn't love the Beatles? LOL!
    you know I wasn't that fond of Elvis. I suppose it's almost sacrilege to say that but it's true. now Ricki Nelson I swooned over. think it was those eyes. :)

  5. Speaking of Big Bands - I met Bob Crosby at my Uncle Chuck's Christmas Party one year. The best album I have ever owned was a Bob Marley album - I love reggae. I really only liked about 3 Elvis tunes and over the years grew to appreciate Rick Nelson and the Everly Brothers. My mom was a Nat King Cole fan and through that my all time fave male vocalist is Ed Ames.

  6. we have much in common musically. I don't remember Bob Crosby's orchestra but later learned about him! and WOW. to get to meet him! that's cool. he was very talented. like Jackie Gleason. amazing talent in his arrangements and sound.
    although you lose me at Ed Ames. LOL! that one song where he holds that note forever makes me hyperventilate. I guess I held my breath! who knows?
    the truth is the Marine is more of a true music lover than I am. music is a necessity for him. and his taste is also very eclectic. which is nice.
    for instance he likes Julie London. and like us... music not necessarily always of his era. he and I once listened to the western ballads of Marty Robbins all the way to Tulsa!
    my Bob played instruments by ear. he didn't read music.
    he could play the guitar and mandolin of course and piano and organ. and sing! wow. he had such a beautiful voice. it wasn't his own voice but once he imitated Frankie Lane with Ghost Riders in the Sky and sounded just like him. such fun. good memories this post stirred up dear Shack!

  7. Tis the music Tammy - and I love that note Ames holds forever in My Cup Runneth Over - LOL. He does a killer They Call the Wind Mariah and his Impossible Dream is the best. A friend of mine recorded 2 Johnny Cash tribute albums decades ago at the request of Cash's management. The same guy also wrote several of the Dave Clark 5 hits including Because any Way You Want It and bits and Pieces.

  8. you have lived an amazing life my friend!
    ok. now you've got me. I'm going to have to listen to Ed's rendition of 'They Call the Wind Mariah." it's another favorite of mine. and I will cry when he does Impossible Dream. I always do. it doesn't matter who sings it!
    Music is visceral to me. I can even cry when I'M SINGING one that touches me so. LOL! hopeless.

  9. Chuck, I agree with your choice of music. I love listening to all Ed Ames songs. His My Cup Runneth Over leaves me in awe.
    One other comment for you to ponder. It is one of the meanings of the word fear: regard (God) with reverence and awe.
    synonyms: stand in awe of, revere, reverence, venerate, respect
    "all who fear the Lord"

  10. Unfortunately only a small minority - in my experience - use anything but fear when it comes to god - you are an exception to the rule. Thanks for reading and commenting!