Friday, March 2, 2018

The Most Dangerous Issue in the World Today? 2-on-1 #9

 Because of my error last week that led to Ramana and I writing on different topics, this week we offer more of the same. I am writing on the topic he covered last week and he is writing on the topic I covered last week.

Ramana covered water shortages last week and that is one of the 2 most dangerous issues today, the other being food resources. But there is a single issue that impacts both of those and that is climate change. Climate change impacts everything related to food prodiuction and wateer availability.

I am not going to discuss whether climate change is man-made or not. That is irrelevant. The climate is changing all around the world - changing growing cycles, watershed and much more. Protocols to deal withn the changes must be developed.

In California, for example, rather than devise a way to store excess runoff from last years record precipation,  the excess was in many cases simply returned to the ocean. Some places made it illegal to collect rainwater. Both are examples of the extreme stupidity  that afflicts politicians here in the USA during these very tribRegardlessial times wherein the  my way or the highway attitude rules.

Changing precipitation patterns,  more droughts and heat waves, stronger, more intense hurricanes, rising sea levels and ice-free arctic during summer all loom ahead. If you want to see more details simply check here NASA Climate Change.

We need to both adapt to the changes that have already occurred while striving to stabilize and reduce the level of heat-trapping gasses in the atmosphere. To ignore
the reality of climate change is the height  of stupidity in my opinion.  Regardless of the root caauses, climate change is very real.

Whether we beleive in god, any god or not, it is time to recognize the facts and start taking steps to adapt to and mitigate the causes of climate change. Small steps accumulate and become longer strides.  No matter which "tribe" you align yourself with, the problem impacts everyone. It is absurd to elimiunate half of the brain power available to attack a common issue because those folks are on the other side. There is no other side when it comes to climate change.

Check Ramanas comments here.


  1. Coming as I do from a Vedic background, climate change is not something to be afraid of. This has happened before, will happen again and all the fit will adapt and change and unfit will perish. Something that evolution also agrees on. There was a time when deserts were green and the mountains were under the sea!

    and knowing my state is responsible for the snake in the hen house who is helping to roll back previous strides to help the climate and the environment is embarrassing and mortifying.
    who in their right mind elects and promotes these 'height of stupidity' people???
    and why on earth would any state not allow rain water to be collected??? it's beyond understanding on a rational level.
    are they thinking people would drink it? and actually if they boiled it first they could. but at least to water their garden? if they have a garden. ok. ranting on here.
    love you guys and your important topics like this!