Monday, August 20, 2012

Another one falls...

Trutrh be told, I really hate this getting older stuff.  I realize it is inevitable - don't confuse fat with stupid.  It's just that it gets depressing watching my cultural icons pass on.  We lost another one over the weekend - Scott McKenzie. 

Scott had a monster hit in the sixties 

This song has always been one of my favorites and to this day I get homesick when I hear it.  Even though I've been in Texas lmost 20 years it will NEVER be home. Home will always be the SF Bay Area.It's where most of my family lives and where I found lifelong friendships with a few people that have been very important to me.  Scott McKenzie had a fantastic voice and he was so much more than that one song - but if you are going to be known for one song, San Francisco is not a bad one at all.  Remember this  one?

Earlier this year we also lost Jon Lord of Deep Purple.

Best version ever of this classic song.

Please excuse me for being maudlin - it's just that music mean a lot to me and each of these losses hurts - luckily the music still lives.


  1. 'No more flowers in my hair' :sad: I settled down to sleep last night with those words running through my head and they have remained there all day.

    1. It's definitely one of those songs - LOL. For a short period of time, that was a very interesting place to be. It was always fun to pop over for a day or 2 (if ya got lucky - LOL)

  2. Stop apologizing, Shackman.And I, for one, do not "confuse fat with stupid". One of the most intelligent men I know (my father) has a waist circumference which I hesitate to embrace but that doesn't make me admire and like him any less. Unfortunately he has also grown a captain's beard. Maybe the two [belly and beard] go hand in hand. Who knows. So glad I am not a man.

    And yes, music is evocative. I have a whole collection which I actively avoid since I do not wish to relive parts of my past. As happy as they may have been.


  3. We are indeed blessed that the music lives on despite all the great ones going off one after the other. It has been happening here too. But in the Indian classical music tradition, students of old masters continue in their tradition and it is nice to see some really good talent coming to the fore.

  4. Bruce C. "Downunder"September 16, 2012 at 7:40 AM

    Just found this site of yours Chuck, I am touched by your kindness.