Friday, August 17, 2012

LBC topic of the week - Fire

This week's topic is really quite interesting.

You just know crazy old Arthur would appear here. Of course he is singing about the burning fire that is the great cleanser.  Even better than Ajax.  How many times have you read that forest fires, prairie fires and such are Mother Nature's way of clearing out the trash.  Personally I prefer garbage cans but it's not my call.   It's a necessity but you'll pardon me for not seeing the necessity of scaring the hell outta my friends in Avery twice when fire almost got their home. 

Then there's the fire of the heart.  We all know that one.  Hopefully.  Everyone needs passion, be it for someone or something. 


Fire is/was a turning point for civilization.  Before fire it was a sushi world.  Fire brought heat on demand.  No thermostat - those came a few years later - but we could warm our homes - and a warm cave was a good thing.  Fire became an obsession of sorts. Still is to some - we call them arsonists.  Clearly fire's place in civilization deserves more space than allotted here. Maybe another time.

Now we have the verb fire - as in to fire.  That's an important part of our culture as every couple of years we get to fire politicians - assuming we muster the energy to go to the polling place. We blame them (pols) for nearly everything so we certainly should fire them if they do not serve our best interests. Or shut up about it.  And who among us has not been fired from a job in their lifetime. That hurts almost as much as a burn from flame in many instances.

So - fire is ever present.  It has many uses, values and forms.  It can be a good thing or not.  The optimist sees a city devastated by fire as a golden opportunity to rebuild an even better place.  Chicago comes to mind.  I'm not sure Londoners (the English ones at least) or citizens of Dresden see it that way but rebuild they did.  Out of necessity. We broke it - we fixed it (man in general).  Fire helped us get where we are today - our civilization probably would not exist in its present form without fire.  The threat of raining fire on our enemies has balanced the power internationally for decades.  Balanced the fear may be a better term -  but it's the threat of fire that matters. The deep, cleansing, purging fire that would basically end us all. Now there's a thought.

Personally, I don't expect that to happen any time soon.  At least I hope not. I'll just hope for the best. Musically, Fire is great.  Always has been. And music keeps me sane.  Allegedly sane anyway.

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  1. Glad you brought in Arthur Brown - and you were also way ahead of me on the Doors - making my comment at Raman's place redundant.

  2. I wrote three different drafts for my post today before scrapping them and going the direction I did. My first one was based on the song by the Doors. You made better use of it. Fire can warm the heart, or chill the bones when it is the threat of a forest fire.

  3. I wish that I was Jim Morrison and could sing that song to someone. Anyone! No one listens!!

  4. There was this other good song "We didn't start the was always burning since the sun was shining".