Friday, August 10, 2012

LBC topic Editing

This weeks LBC topic comes to us from the Emerald Isle courtesy of Grannymar. The topic is Editing.

Editing is simply a process by which something is corrected, modified or otherwise "enhanced" prior to publication/broadcast or other form of release.  I know editing.  Trust me.  In my newly edited job title - Omnichannel Data Specialist - I am edited daily.  In spite of the nebulous, somewhat bizarre sounding title, what I really do is write product descriptions for my employer's website. My name gives that employer away - too bad my newly edited title does not similarly convey what I do.  It used to - before the change I was a copywriter/content specialist. Now that makes sense.  My point???  Editing is not always a good thing - though those who perform the arduous task of editing often think they are the saviours of the written/photographic/film/musical worlds in which they reside.

Now don't get me wrong.  Everyone can stand some editing from time to time.  Punctuation mistakes, hyphenation, compound modifiers identified, etc. We can't all be perfect and in fact I see my work as a form of job creation.  I create the need for an editor whenever I sit before a keyboard.  To prove my point I won't correct typos in the next paragraph.

How many books have you read that do not include some form of Editor praise by the author?  If nbotfor Yickity YAck DooDah, this book would be nothing but a useless  pack of dribble, etc.  etc. etc..  So the editor has made sense of something for you dear reader.  Aren't you the lucky oe.

See?  I am the absolute worst typist on the 3rd rock from the sun (a great TV comedy show BTW).

Now one can edit their life by making a change.  We've certainly all been there and done that - to turn a cliched phrase. And for the trivia minded, young Mr Deutschendorf attended high school about 10 blocks from where I sit typing this.

Editing can be an important step in the creative process, often much to the chagrin of the original creator.  But how often has the written word not translated well to the screen?  Ever hear a joke fall flat?  Silence is not golden in those instances - I'm sure the jester would agree.

It would seem that life itself is in need of some editing for most - if not all - of us.  Who among us is so straight and true that their life has been all they wanted and expected.  I freely admit mine is not.  In this instance we are our own editors though we may indeed and often should take a tip or two from others - why we even have a couple of classic philosopher types here in the LBC in TOF and Ramana. Oh - and there's the subtle philosphy of a  Granymar, the not so subtle but ever positive Maxi and the very true to herself Delirious - now hopefully safely landed in China. To them and anyone else who cares to listen I simply say editing is change.  Change is ever present. Deal with it. And thank you for your suggestions, dear philosopher friends - classic and otherwise. There's no point in trying to escape the grim editor.

That's it for this week.  Please check out what the other LBC members have to say about editing.  Anu, Delirious, gaelikaa, Grannymar, Maxi, Maria SF, ocdwriter, Padmum, PaulRamana The Old Fossil and Will.


  1. My life is one lonnnnnnnnnng edit!

  2. Yes, wouldn't it be lovely if our life could be edited so that we do not have all the mistakes and errors?

    And it is indeed true that the regular LBC writers that you so graciously mention all accept that their lives can do with some editing. Nothing to hide there!

  3. No Ramana - I was likening them to philosophers!! Seems the comment needs editing!!!

  4. Go ahead and edit. I cannot do it from where I sit!