Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Onion Peeled - in Pics

There's been an ongoing commentary from some readers regarding the peeling back of the layers of onion that collectively add up to shackman. Here's the latest entry in that vein - and it's an onion guaranteed not to make you cry.  No guarantees offered regarding making you laugh.

I started out as a child
My gymnastics career ended shortly after this pic was taken as it was clear I was outgrowing the sport rapidly. Like most kids, I loved Christmas. 
I had friends and a dog - Tommy, Kenny & Pudgie.

We moved to California where I eventually made it through high school. I was somewhat of a jock in high school.   

Soon after high school I met a girl.

We got married in 1972.

I managed to graduate from college the next year - BA in Political Science.   We moved to Connecticut in 1976,  LA in 1977 and back to the Bay Area in 1978. We  have 2 kids and 5 grandkids

Along the way I went to Hawaii for 6 months.  Alone.  Nuff said :) (That's my late mother and the mirrors on my Suzuki 550).

Eventually we ended up in Texas and I ended up like this - the grandfatherly curmudgeon most of you met on the Internet. Now if my beloved San Jose Sharks ever win Lord Stanley's Cup that curmudgeon label might just vanish.

There's more to the story but that's for another day.

If I had to sum it all up in a song I'd choose Harry Chapin's Circle as the "A" side and  Glen Yarborough's Baby the Rain Must Fall as the "B" side.

That's it for this chapter.  More of a Vidalia than a Spanish onion.



  1. That first picture looks like you are getting in some practice for playing football later. :)

  2. Shackman, so glad you know the end from the beginning. You "started out as a child". NOW, look at you.

    Still, the interim years show what a fine specimen you are. Please note: I said 'are', not were. Even when weighing down (by your own recent admission) that bike of yours. Your No 75 shot still my dead hot favourite. My my my. Let me remind myself I am not whatever age you were then. Yes. Hawaii. "Nuff said"? Sure.


    PS There are more ways than one to turn an onion into something edible. Without shedding tears.

  3. Once again, my first post did not publish...I am so technologically challenged!

    That wedding photo of Lynn brought back many memories for me. I remember your wedding day and how handsome you looked, Chuck. Lynn is beaming in that photo and those dimples...!

    I have a photo of my brother in the very same cowboy outfit!

    I think that you have barely revealed all your "layers" Chuck. This forum definitely shines a light on your insights, sensitivity and intelligence.

    Shine on, my friend!


  4. Shackman, you sneaked that post in when I was not looking. Shame on you.

    You should have elaborated on the spell of being a cowboy my friend. I would have related!

    I would rather that this is a palimpsest than an onion. As Grannymar says, I love big words.

  5. I love the first photo. Chuck, you were on the starting blocks from day one!

    PS: That Ramana fella paraphrased what I said! :lol:

  6. D - upon reflection maybe I wasn't tumbling - LOL
    U - wow - now I'm blushing :)
    Patty - thanks. Yeah - I am slow - it's a lineman thing - LOL
    Ramana - your verbosity overwhelms me
    GM - did that Ramana fellow pay any royalties??

  7. In some strange ways, I may enjoy this the most, because I caught you in the middle of all this! I would love to see some pics of our good old days at the Shack, playing for the Hackers, down at the basketball court just off Winton! Wow! Well done.