Friday, July 26, 2013

LBC Topic - What you see out the window

Today's topic comes to us from Grannymar.

She lobbed me a musical softball this AM -

When I look out the window right now I see darkness. The early hour may have something to do with that as I start work between 4:30 and 5:00 AM most days. By the time I have had my second cup of coffee - assuming of course it hasn't been sprayed all over my display because of something funny forwarded by a friend - I see the hulking forms of 4 extremely large black oak trees in my back yard.

As the sun continues its inexorable rise, the forms .become more distinct, So do the sounds from the yard.  The resident squirrels decide its time to rise and shine - which sends our dog Ginger into fits -  who are these aliens that keep appearing in her domain every morning?

Unfortunately, being half Basset Hound, Ginger has a rather loud way of voicing her displeasure at the intruders while at the same time it seems the squirrels delight in chattering away to each other while doing the squirrel version of "Can't touch this".  Alas - Ginger is called inside and the squirrels do their victory dance.  The neighbors continue to sleep peacefully and all is right with the world out my window.

Time marches on,   Behind me in the house I hear the staccato sound of little feet running up the hall. My 31/2-year old grandson is up and ready to attack the day. He jumps down the single step from the kitchen to the mud room that is my office. He grabs my cup and looks to see if I have moved on from coffee - which he hates - to Coke Zero - which he loves..  Still coffee? I get scolded by him - coffee papa? ewwwwwwwwwwwww.  Coke Zero?  A grinning Have some papa? He drinks a bit and then looks for Ginger's green squeaky gator and grabs the doorknob,  looks at me, opens the door and heads outside.  Ginger follows and the battle is on. The green gator becomes the rope in an epic tug-of-war between DJ and Ginger.  DJ has finally gotten big enough to make the daily tussle a contest - he is no longer hopelessly dragged around the house and yard.  He gives as good as he gets. The battle will continue throughout the day wherever they may be.

Occasionally the view out my window is of a thunderstorm - often of seemingly biblical proportions. It literally appears as if someone is standing on the roof emptying buckets of water as fast as he/she can. When it ends the patio is literally under water until the water can drain. 

By midafternoon it is typically 100° - or very nearly so.  Often that is a recipe for all 3 grandkids to be in the back yard playing in the water.  Many a water balloon fight has been contested in my back yard.  Of course it's advantage teenage granddaughters.  What I see out my window is a group of happy kids. Again - all is right with the world out my window.

For the rest of the day, there are squirrels and birds constantly moving about,  chattering away. On occasion a possum strolls across the back yard near the back fence and there are lizards galore.  On rare occasions a snake appears. And of course there's the old neighbor lady tending her yard. Scary thought - I suspect she sees me as her peer. Guess that makes me the old guy at the computer she often sees.

So that's a typical day and what I see out my back door window.  What do the other LBC folk see???  Take a look for yourself.  They're listed over there on the right side of the screen.


  1. You are blessed. I could vividly picture the scenes. I even envy that very domestic scene of the grandson and Ginger.

  2. I was right there with you! That is a great talent you have to be able to bring a person along right into your room, looking right out your window. But, even better, I know you and these are the things that I love knowing about your present.


  3. I enjoyed watching the world come to life through your window. For the past three weeks I had part of each day spent playing tug-a-rope or throwing a ball to three dogs. All three now know that to get my attention they must put a tennis ball between my feet.