Friday, August 2, 2013

5 Songs

This weeks admittedly silly topic was chosen by yours truly in one of those throw a bag of doodoo against a wall and see what sticks moments. Since Paul, our erstwhile  "on-sabbatical"  member dubbed me Music Man in a response some time ago  and I have a propensity to pepper my posts with music, I thought it somehow appropriate.  Truth is, I think if anyone takes the topic remotely seriously, it just might be as revealing about them as a more so-called serious post.  Without further adieu, let the adventure begin.  In no particular order.....

The song is about growth and the changes we endure as what we once accepted as fact we now question.  It has resonated with me since the first time I heard it almost 50 years ago. Dylan is the finest songwriter of my generation IMHO.

Next up is a classical piece.

This has been one of my 2 or 3 favorite pieces of music for as long as I can remember. Soothing, relaxing and to me almost perfect.

Next up...
Simple reason for this - I'd like to feel this way about someone again before I am finished. These simple lyrics by Jim Yester say it all.

And now...
The song speaks for itself and the singer is my all time favorite male vocalist.  We all tilt at windmills at sometime in our lives.  IMHO it's what makes us human.  I saw Ames sing it acapella in a concert at a theater in the round 40 years or so ago and it was spine tingling - brought the house down and it could be heard in the lobby.

Last choice for the day

I have always believed good music is good music - whether you understand it or not and this is a great example- catchy, melodic and simply beautiful.

So why these 5 songs?  Do they collectively say anything about me? I think so - I'm basically a simple guy, somewhat romantic and a bit eclectic. A generally apt description. 

I hope you enjoyed at least some of the tunes.  Any surprises here? 


  1. Beautiful selection Shackman. The concluding paragraph gets my unconditional thumbs up too.

    The surprise is The Canon in D.

  2. Pachelbel's Canon in D is on my longer list for the quieter moments or when I am struggling to work out ideas for a craft project. The impossible dream is on that list too for a very different reason.... I was involved in a stage production of Man of la Mancha many years ago and the song brings back the people, the music and the feelings from that time.

  3. I am on the road with my iPad and, unfortunately, none of the songs shows anything other than a black space and I cannot play them. However, guessing, I should think Ames was singing "To Dream the Impossible Dream" and that is a great choice. Was it at Circle Star that you saw him, or is Theater in the Round separate?

    Dylan, great songwriter and poet!

    1. Yep - Circle Star it was - used to see many acts there