Friday, November 1, 2013

Into the night - LBC Topic

Into the night – brought to us by Will. This ought’a be interesting.

I love the night. Always have. It’s a different world than the one offered during daylight. Things that inhabit the night seem more alive than their daytime counterparts. At least to me they do. Drive around any moderately sized or bigger city – check it out. Now granted – there are places you should not stop and smell the roses – or whatever that funky smell is – but still – try it. Look at the business being transacted after normal hours - Bars, restaurants, clubs and offices. And of course the business that is intended to be under the radar - Sure many are open during the day but they’re just not the same. Looking for quiet? What beats the still of the night?

Don’t get me wrong – I love to sleep. I love to dream. Nightmares have never been present too much to intrude upon my sleep. But – and maybe it’s just that I’m older – but I find myself awake at night much more often these days. I love night sounds – cars racing, sirens blaring, trains – a big favorite – the occasional sound of the local (TCU) college kids partying. I enjoy just sitting on the porch listening. I spend several hours a week doing just that. I’ve done that wherever I have lived. And yes – I’ve heard a lot of interesting stuff over the years.

Gunshots? Sure. And some seriously wild (or so it seemed ) lovemaking – LOL. Guess that is to be expected –

It must be genetic – my daughter is a classic night owl. Until she stopped working she was a restaurant manager and yep – she worked nights. She still maintains those hours.

Interestingly enough I’ve only had one night job. When we returned from a stint in Connecticut in 1976 I had to find work. I worked 11-7 at the 7-11 in El Segundo. Other than the armed robbery attempt I foiled – I was twice the size and thrice as charming as my severely inebriated would be robber and got him laughing so hard his revolver slipped down his pants leg and rolled over his foot onto the floor). That spooked him sufficiently to convince him to beat feet and run. But my regulars included night shift airport workers, members of the local amateur hockey league who came by 3 nights a week – half in uniform – around 2:00AM – that was when they could get ice time – and an absolutely DDG horse exerciser at Santa Anita race track – who hit me up for coffee every morning. She wanted to be a jockey. I wonder if she succeeded. Oh – and of course several local law enforcement officers. And generally, most transactions include several minutes of conversation. The darkness and early hours seemed to encourage conversation. I wonder if in the age of texting that is still the same.
So what did Will have in mind when he suggested this topic? I haven’t a clue. Maybe one of the other LBC writers do. Check them out.


  1. I think that Will sat down and picked a dozen topics one day, all from the lines of one song!

    Down the years I have worked early and late and found the people were much more cheerful in the early hours of the morning.... and late in the evening things seemed calmer and people found time to open up and chat.

  2. You must write more blog posts. I am sure that all your LBC friends will agree that we learn new things about you with every LBC post. I for one find such discovery fascinating.

    I have had my share of working in the nights but now unless I am reading something very unputdownable, I sleep off to get my six to seven hours of sleep. I am basically a morning person. I am at my best then. My brain sort of winds down from about 12 noon and I become lethargic by dusk. My porch sitting therefore is during the time when my brain is shifting into the low gears.

  3. Interesting, Shackman. As always.

    If I'd had to guess, yes, I'd have you down as a night person. Just like my father. Same with longest standing friend (he is a painter - as it happens fascinated by LIGHT).. Wouldn't dream of phoning him before eleven o'clock in the evening.

    Myself? Happy to report I am an allrounder. Lark, owl, whatever. Mind you, admittedly, I do have cat napping down to a fine art. Suddenly overcome with a little fatigue I will lie down any old time, day or night. Go to sleep in an instant - 20 minutes max (hence 'cat' nap'). Will wake as programmed. Can't recommend the energizing effect enough.

    However, sleep deprivation over a long period of time is a disaster. Happened to me ca. 2008/9. Three hours in every 24. Recipe for breakdown my doctor told me (I declined sleeping pills - they send me spinning, no joke). And yup, I nearly broke, but not quite. There was a reason I couldn't sleep. Not something a pill could have fixed.

    I don't know Will and can't second guess what he had in mind when he suggested the subject: First thought that came into my mind when I saw the heading (on Ramana's blog) was the well known "Do not go gentle in that good night" (Dylan Thomas).I won't. Though wish I would/could. Bit of dignity wouldn't go amiss.


  4. Oh, It's too bad you didn't get the video footage of that robbery attempt! lol too funny!
    I love the night too, but I have to admit that I get spooked easily. lol

  5. Good post. You just slipped that little episode in - oh yeah, I almost forget, that time I foiled an armed robber by the power of giggle. Excellent one.
    Good Patti Smith song too.

  6. I love, love, love that Patti Smith song. Always have.