Friday, November 8, 2013

Road rage.  That uncontrollable feeling that comes over someone when another driver creates a seemingly egregious affront to our sensibilities – flipping us off, cutting us off or somehow otherwise impeding our progress - and we are consumed with rage. Woe be to the offender – we’ll show him/her we are not to be trifled with. The one-finger salute at minimum is ready and more than willing. How rational is that?

There’s just something about sitting in traffic that galls us.  We shouldn’t be wasting time like this.  We have more important things to do. Never mind the time we wasted during the day that put is in this position. 

Regardless of our normal daily demeanor I suspect most of us have felt road rage.  Or been the recipient of the rage of another driver.   Is it logical? Nope.  But I suspect it isn’t going away any time soon.  Life has become a hurry-up affair.  There’s always too much to accomplish and too little time in which to accomplish it.

Consequences? Texas proudly executed (they do that a lot here) a man convicted of a pair of road rage killings.  Accidents occur daily.  People are hurt/jkilled .

Avaidable? That’s a tough one we each have to answer.

I’m curious to know if roaf rage is as prevalent in other parts of the world – we here in the U.S.A. are very car centric – I mean many a man equates his coolness and manhood by the vehicle he drives.  Ladies too like a cool ride and become the Queen of the Realm when that car door shuts here. Time to check out the other members of the LBC – maybe I’ll find the answer.


  1. You have it down pat, Shackman. Too much traffic is why I rarely travel more than five miles from home to get groceries.
    blessings ~ maxi

  2. My one dislike on the roads are the boy racers who drive up my a$$. They make me wish I had a James Bond button on my dashboard to open the boot and produce a drop down sign reading: This is a drive in and not a drive through!

  3. I don't see it so much here, but one thing they do is that if they are the traffic offender, they will turn their head and refuse to look at you while they hold up traffic. Lol

  4. You will get plenty of road rage over here Shackman. We have chaps who had been driving bullock carts till a few years ago in villages, suddenly on powerful motor cycles or cars who think that the world belongs to them. Most of them do not have a clue about rules and regulations and since there are so many of them, most of them get away scott free with offenses which just makes it that much easier for them to repeat those offenses again. Killings from road rage are also quite common from both the offender and the offended. Now you know why my son forbids me from driving in the city.

  5. Speaking of feeling like the Queen of the realm in your car - the real one can get quite tetchy too apparently...