Friday, November 15, 2013

When I was young -- LBC Topic..

This week’s LBC topic – When I was young promises to be a fun one.

Tell me – with a straight face – you didn’t see this one coming

OK – the rooms weren’t colder and my father was a soldier in the Korean war. But many friends were involved in that little excursion to Southeast Asia. I smoked my first cigarette at 10.  It was also my last (well – regular tobacco anyway

And for girls, I had a bad yen
And I had quite a ball
When I was young

Gotta agree with this one, but I was extraordinarily shy so I yenned from afar mostly. I blogged about the change here if you’re interested in revisiting that one -  
The Yen

When I was young, it was more important
Pain more painful
Laughter much louder
Yeah, when I was young
When I was young

Boy that was true. The highs were higher, the lows lower and there was no real long-term vision about life.  Remember the “never trust a person over 30 advice?”  We were so slick.

I met my first love at thirteen
She was brown and I was pretty green
And I learned quite a lot when I was young
When I was young

Well – 15 is more accurate and she had brown hair. Cars back then had roomy back seats.  Yay.  And we had Johnnie Mathis – the mere sound of his voice caused bra straps to come undone seemingly on their own – at least that’s what I was told.

My faith was so much stronger then
I believed in fellow men
And I was so much older then
When I was young
When I was young
When I was young

I definitely had more faith when I was young -  I had high hopes for the world – I suppose that’s part of being a child of the sixties. Now?  Not so much – In the words of U2 - I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. But it’s been an interesting ride and I have no idea how many more stops I have left on this bus ride.  What do the other LBC members have to say? Check them out.


  1. You always have the perfect song to go with whatever you want to say. I remember the C O L D before we had central heating. Yes the fire in the living room would roast you on one side that faced it, while the other side was cold. Maybe that was how we trained our bladders to hold on. ;) None of us wanted to lose our place at the fire and go upstairs to the arctic conditions. We got dressed to go to bed in the winter and woke to find ice on the inside of the bedroom windows.


  3. I grew up in a very sheltered environment. It was wonderful!

  4. The Animals were past tense even in my youth. But I know U2 very well as they were part of my growing up days in Ireland. They come from the same place as I do.

  5. Still haven't found what you're lookin' for? Ah Shackman, do like me … I just wake up every morn' and fun the heck out of each and every day.

    blessings to ya ~ maxi