Friday, February 7, 2014

Old friends, new friends

Interesting topic this week.  Old vs. new.   In the case of friendship, out with the old and in with the new could not be more wrong.

Old friends.  Folks I grew up with. The closeness never varies. "Old friends, memory brushes the same years, silently sharing the same fears" Paul Simon nailed that one.

New friends.  Some I have never seen.  Some in faraway places like India, Ireland and the UK. Equally important but they know how I turned out whereas the old friends went through the process of growing up with me.

Personally, all of my friends are very important to me.


  1. Although I am no longer a member of the LBC, I hope you still count me as a friend.

  2. Okay friend, when we eventually meet up face to face, this is what I would like to sing with you -

  3. Greetings Shackman...

    Thought this post of yours was a quite appropriate place to stop by and say 'Howdy' and thank you for your visit yesterday. Noticed on your profile that you were living in Fort Worth. In 1988 I lived in Granbury for about a year while working at the Comanche Peak Nuclear Plant. From time to time I would drive up to Fort Worth and I have got to say, it was the first time I had encountered 'traffic circles' and it did not go well. To this day I still hate those things! :)