Friday, February 28, 2014


The winds of change have visited me recently.While expected, they caused considerable damage.

Living in Tornado Alley has given me a healthy respect for winds of any kind. Take a look at the wind and what it did here in 2000 -

At the time of this tornado I worked between the two buildings shown above.  That image is 2 combined - i was about 3 blocks from either of those and had in fact left the office about 5 minutes before the tornado hit these buildings.  Yes - I saw it. The taller of the buildings was actually twisted.  It was the Bank One Building - it is now expensive condos.  There was a restaurant housed on the top floor - decent place - with great views.  I've often wondered what folks there thought of that view back on that somewhat blustery day.

Strange as it sounds, we now have the ability to farm wind.  Hmmm - do these guys get subsidies when there's no wind?

And Katrina isn't the only hurricane for which New Orleans is famous....I prefer these.  One - in my younger days - I drank 3 and boy was walking an adventure after that.

So what;s the point? None really - just this

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  1. Your first musical choice brought back memories. Now what were you doing taking pictures from my back door when I was not around? The windmills are part of my view fro the kitchen sink. They look so different at various parts of the day.

  2. I had omitted one Indian phenomenon - not quite as devastating as the tornados but very debilitating.

    The choice of music of course is outstanding as usual.

    I did cover breaking wind! I used different language.

  3. Those drinks look yummy, Chuck. I could go for one about now.
    blessings ~ maxi

  4. I grew up in "tornado alley" in Lubbock, Texas. I remember spending many a night sleeping in the closet or bathroom. :)