Friday, March 7, 2014

LBC post

Separation.  Hmmm.  I suspect the smart money is on the “avoid religion and politics” notion but that is a perfect separation to my way of thinking.  Having religion dictate national policy is to me trouble squared, regardless of the religion or country involved.  While it is natural to have a culture shaped by its beliefs that is not the same as having rule of law from the pulpit. 

Separation is a natural for some things.  Think oil and water, a fool and his/her money – I’m sure everyone can add several examples.

There are some handy gadgets that help with separation.  I like to cook and those handy gadgets that separate the fat from your sauce are great. I have managed over the years not o separate a digit or 2 while merrily chopping away.  Sharp knives are the key to that! Or a whopper chopper - for those old enough to remember that little gadget.

Then there’s personal separation.  I’ve just gone through the worst possible version of that.  Over the, years there were other separations – my 6 months in Hawaii (made worse because I had more fun than Lynn thought I should have), numerous business trips.    Separation is something that simply can’t be avoided but the negative effects can be managed to a degree. Just know that some will be heartbreaking,  some will be maddening and some will bring great joy.


  1. "…the worst possible version of that." I am so sorry for your pain, Chuck.
    blessings ~ maxi

  2. In China we have the opposite problem. Instead of having a religion dictate politics, we have a government that dictates which religions are acceptable. Currently there are only about 2 or 3 "approved" churches in China. And those are approved with the contingency that the Chinese government gets to choose who will be the pastors/Priests/Bishops etc.

    1. D that is fascinating - so your church is approved? That is very interesdting

  3. As I commented on Ramana's sister post on this week's subject, 'separation' is just not one of my favorite words at all. Even when you are doing something as simple as the laundry... yep, separation has to raise its ugly head. I think the world would be a better place if we just banned the use of the word. Then separation would no longer exist... right?

  4. Alan it's my experience that banning the word would not banish the feelings - they'd just be linked to a different ter. But it certainly is a nice thought

  5. The wheat from the chaff, the men from the boys and so on and so forth but when you throw in Eric Clapton singing to his late son in heaven after having died in the most gruesome way, you have to wonder whether Alan's suggestion deserves a closer look!

  6. So by changing a word you remove the emotion? I think not my friend. It just gets called something else.