Friday, October 24, 2014

Commitment to the unverifiable

This week's LBC topic comes from an old fossil. It's an interesting topic worthy of thought but as is my style on these matters I will simply shoot from the hip, hopefully straight and true.

FOS loves a good debate, as do I.  Clearly the line has been cast hoping to set the hook on the topic of god.I'll bite.  I am NOT in the camp that believes in god that is the be-all end-all guide to life.  I do not believe in the virgin birth, jesus is the son of god, etc.  Those of you who know me have heard this and I'm sure expect this from me - when it comes to god,

I do not hold those beliefs against anyone and I try to respect all religions though I confess to a growing contempt and distaste for Islam. Beyond that statement, that's a subject for another day.

I also understand that what today is not verifiable one day may well be verified. I have that much faith in science and the abilities of man. it has always seemed strange to me that a god would give man these brains with  unlimited potential and then rail against us for using them.  Why - for example - cannot the theory of evolution be god's way of developing things? And really now - Noah's Ark?   could it be? Right.......

.Now to the best of my knowledge - and I'm sure the media would be all over the story if it has happened - nobody has actually seen and spoken with god -  and if ithappens how would it go? It'd be nice if it went like this

Somehow I do not see the god that needs to be feared having such a casual, meaningful conversation with us. Nothing makes me cringe internally more than someone who states he or she is a god-fearing individual. On the brighter side, the conversation need go no further with that person if they only intend to preach at me. Their world is black and white and clearly I inhabit the black side. To me though there are mostly shades of grey

Yep.  I will survive.  And if I am wrong in thinking the universe is somehow interconnected and there is some sort of spiritual one-ness to it all - well so be it,  At my age the answer is not that far off so I will know soon enough.  Pity I won't be able to share it with all y'all though.  Ya see - that's something we all discover for ourselves  at the end of the line.

That's my quick shack take on this week's topic.  Check out what Fos and the others have to say.


  1. It is a no contest! Mine is quicker! Yours is more elaborate but we convey the same thought process. Will be interesting to see what the TOF comes up with.

    1. Yeah - the music makes it longer - it's called padding! But I like the tunes so they stay.