Friday, October 31, 2014

Comedy of errors

Yet another literary influenced topic. I still dislike ol' Wil but so be it.

So what's it like when things go so horribly wrong the situation becomes funny? We've all been there at some point - of that I am certain.  My two years of varsity football in high school certainly qualify. Our sad excuse for a coach took the most talented team in the league to a blazing 1 win 2 ties and the rest losses/  I'm still mad at him - LOL. At least I won lineman ofthe game in the one that we won.

Then there are the political comedy of error incidents.  Can you say John McCain and Sarah Palin?  Michael Dukakis in the tank?  Anyone remember Gary Hart? Then again several administrations have been nothing to write home about either. Would you consider the Watergate candal a comedy of errors?  I sure do.

So what does one do when trapped in a comedy of errors? I suggest pressing on and hoping for a quick result - get it over with,And remember - it's always beer:30 somewhere so relax and move on. Or listen to some [progressive rock - like Scotland's Comedy of Errors

That's this morning's quick shackake on this weeks topic.  Check out what the others have to say ==>

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  1. No, just moving on won't do at all! You need to laugh at the whole thing as well. It is comedy remember?