Friday, October 10, 2014


It's all about learning, folks.  Everything.  It's really that simple. If we cannot learn we are doomed to fail.

Central to learning of course is teaching.  If we do not learn how to teach we cannot learn.  Oh sure - some of us are innately curious and will  ponder something and even work it out but the solution is of little or no value if it cannot be effectively shared - taught to others.

Some 1800 or so years ago Roman emperor marcus Aurelius learned from his great grandfather "  to get me good and able teachers at home; and that I ought not to think much, if upon such occasions, I were at excessive charges" - sounds like home schooling was valued even then.  And that public education was not particularly well respected.

Things have not changed much - just listen to George Carlin (if hearing Carlin's strong language is bothersome read the text here )

Today kids have major obstacles to overcome to get educated - not the least of which is the public education system. Our rapidly declining middle class is typically working more hours for le$$ so they have less time to do their part in educating the kids.   And college? My college education cost me  less than $1000 for tuition and fees.  Books probably added another $1000 and it was very easy for me to pay my way through school. And remember - that was spread over 6 years. Today that same degree would cost in excess of $25,000 just in tuition and fees alone.  And thats for a BA in a California State University school.  It assumes of course that a child can meet the educational; requirements to enter the school. I'm not altogether certain a child going through the public school system here in Ft Worth, Texas would be able to demonstrate those skills - based on what I have seen of the education offered my grandchildren here.  I suppose I should rest easy as the politicians in both parties promise to make education their top priority.

What was it that George Carlin said?

That's a quick shack take on education.  Check out what the others in the LBC have to say about this important topic.


  1. Things are not that bad here though at higher levels a lot of room exists to change things to make higher education more effective. The middle class is still growing and that makes a lot of difference. The innate value system of insisting on educating children keeps pushing the benchmark up. Having said all that and having read Carlin, I can't also wonder how a country that produces Carlin can also produce the Palins! On the other hand you also have Dan Carlin whose enthusiasm stuns me.

  2. Sir agree with your point about education.

    However, as per my "education" on economics, we can not compare $1000 of your time and $25000 of current time. Inflation you see. Here I am speaking like those whom "George Carlin" is abusing.

    Well, balance is what I want to pursue - as the Buddha taught - Middle Path.

    The differences you have pointed out (Texas Vs Ft Worth) exist everywhere - even in a city. I live in Mumbai and here you have most expensive schools to Govt schools where Teachers are busy in keeping democracy alive (getting voting done). Wonder at times, when do teachers get time to teach! Questions are many and politicians will solve them as per their comfort one (population) has to force them.