Friday, November 14, 2014


Todays topic  comes from Ramana. I wonder what his expectations for the topic may be.
Mine? Today has begun as a typical Friday here in Shackland.

Woke up. Got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head, Hm - where have I heard that before? :-) My expectations were simple - let the dog out, make some toast and coffee and sit down at the computer.  Check Ramana's blog for todays topic, ponder said topic for a minute or two and begin writing. Fairly simple, routine stuff. No task too difficult.

Tasks though - those are the things that give expectations some meat. The greater the task the greater the expectation for success or failure. Failing at a dask when expectations of success were very high can be extremely depressing. Expectations often need to be managed - the temptation to be over confident should be resisted at all cost.  Sounds good but we've all suffered at some point when our results have not met our expectations.

My expectations? Of my friends I expect honesty and a degree of loyalty. Of my work? At this point in time I expect nothing more than a paycheck and a fair amount of tsuris. Of life in general?  Since February not much if any.

So that's a quick shack-take on this weeks topic.  Now I'll see what the others have to say.


  1. Fair enough. Par for the course. Why the fair amount of tsuris? And who will execute it for you? Is there someone bigger than you around there in Fort Knox?

    1. We just launched a new site and there is always a large amount of tsuris - aka grief and things that need to be fixed. As far as bigger tna me - well my family here certainly thinks of me as ft knox but in a few months they'll be dealing with it themselves as I won;t be here.

  2. That is interesting. I thought that you used the term as an ex wrestler!

  3. I I expect honesty and loyalty from friends, alas, it does not always work that way.