Friday, November 21, 2014

Most over rated artist

This weeks less than thrilling topic comes via - drum roll please - me. Oh well.

It's pretty simple to me - any celebrity that comes from the reality TV world - the duck dumbasses, the real housewives from anywhere and do on are vastly overrated.  Most if the stuff is scripted so it's as fake as the stars.  But the queen of all IMHO is that fabulously bubble-butted bimbo Kim Kardashian.

Her so-called career is based on a homemade porn tape.  For a time she was in competition with an heir to the Hilton fortune  but little Kimmy has pulled away from Paris and the pack.  Much to the chagrin of her sister Khloe and the Queen Mother Kris Jenner and rising hopeful Kendell. What an amazing family.  OJ's ex-lawyer is probably turning over in his grave.

In a somewhat more serious turn, I personally think  the authors of the so-called classics in literature are somewhat over rated. Not for the quality or lack thereof of their work but because of the attitudes of their fandom.  I suspect they ( their fanboys & fangirls) even resent being called fans  since they undoubtedly feel superior to the rest of the reading world.  Those authors spoke to and about their own times and culture. I prefer reading about those more relevant to my time. I'd much rather read about the goings on on the Busted Flush, tooling around Florida in miss Agnes or consulting with Milan Jacovich on good places to eat in Cleveland. And Kate Shugak has great tales of  life in Alaska and Tres Navarre really knows the Texas hill country. Walt Longmire is the best lawman around.  I do confess though to really enjoying a SherlocK Holmes tale or two along with Jules Verne.  See - it's all relative.

On a final note, even a great artist can lay an egg.  Can there be a more pretentious peace of musical crap than Imagine by John Lennon? Well - possibly Hey Jude, written to John's son Julian by hjis erstwhile bandmate Sir Paul..  They both make me cringe when I hear them played for the bazillionth time.

That's a quick shack-take on today's admittedly lightweight topic. Time to see what the others think. It might be interesting.


  1. Oh, so this dreadful subject was down to you, was it? My dear Shackman, what does make an artist? Now there is a question for starters and ten. And isn't beauty in the eye of the beholder? You could hold me at gunpoint to extract from me who I think the most overrated artist. I haven't got the faintest idea. Don't worry: I am not suicidal so I'd come up with someone who bit on the stale end of a pencil.

    As to KK. Well, blow me down with a dumb bell. Only recently I was told that I must be the only person in the reasonably civilized world who'd never heard of her. I truly wish it had staid that way. Now, of course, her pneumatic bottom is wherever one looks. Yes, that big it is. Like a Zeppelin in the sky. My question is: WHAT is her ART?


    1. How the hell should I know what ART is? I'm just a dumb es-jock struggling to get by :-). I did use a disclaimer of sorts referencing celebrities. So art is whatever you want it to be and overrated is simply stuff you do not appreciate/like. It was a lame topic - my bad.

  2. I think I would have spent a long time sucking on my pencil to find inspiration for this topic!

  3. I wish that I had thought of this wonder kid! Great analysis Shackman.