Friday, November 7, 2014


This weeks topic comes from the sage of Pune, India  - Ramana and Maxi from Florida so it's not my fault if you don't like it.

Blame.  Is it sheer irony that Ramana chose it as the weekly topic the same week as the great American blame game known as a national election? Arms are in agony across this land from waving fingers in disapproval and blame over the state of the nation. Things haven't been this ugly since the days of John Adams. And it is the other guy's fault.  The other party's fault. A collective breath of fresh air known as acceptance of responsibility is long over due. Why are things like this?

Really now people.  Everything in life we do not like simply cannot be the fault of someone else.  How about  the things we do that may not make sense??

To many people it's simply easier to pass the blame than to take responsibility for their actions.Admit it dear reader - you're no saint. Neither am I - I confess to have passed the buck a time or twoo over the years.  That doesn't make it right. Not when doing it right includes - and is especially true - when no one is watching.  Do the right thing - in spite of the influences of others. Right is right. Unless it's wrong.  Ahem.

By now I assume you've figured out the theme of this little ditty. Be tresponsible for your actions. There's always a choice.  The options may not be wholly attractive but there are choices to be made none the less. Make the choice. Don't blame someone or something else for the bad ones and don't give credit where it's not due forthe good ones - you did the work, put forth the effort and made it happen - often with the help and support of others.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I'm shackman and I approve this message. Check out what the other LBC folk have to say on the matter.


  1. Love this post, Chuck. You have everything in perspective. Couldn't have said it better myself.

    Hope you are okay … that your grief lessens with each day.
    blessings ~ maxi

  2. Don't blame it on me! ;)

  3. Maxi - still have some tough days but it's getting better

    GM - nice one - a great song

  4. Okay, you blame the post on me and I take responsibility for it. It is a win win situation. I also like the way you conclude and may I take responsibility for that too?