Friday, May 8, 2015

You Can't Do That

Occasionally someone - usually Ramana - requests suggestions for our weekly posts. I toss out a song title when I am in a lazy mood. That's whee this week's topic was born. I was in a Beatle mood so out popped this title/topic.

It just so happens that besides being a decent pop song from the sixties it lends itself to a myriad other rules so lets try a few. Rules that say you can't do that - whatever that may be. Universal truths/rules.

  1. Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow. I'm recently retired and have just discovered this one.
  2. Your dog is always your puppy.
  3. Anything worth doing has several "unwritten" rules that any reasonable individual should just know
  4. Anything that can go wrong will do so at the most inopportune moment (aka Murphy's Law)
  5. Always be specific when you lie (aka Gibbs' rule #7)
  6. It's better to seek forgiveness than ask permission. Anyone who has ever been a kid knows this instinctively
  7. The world was a better place when Carl Wilson and Mike Smith were alive and singing
  8. Sometimes you're wrong. Too bad many folks seem to forget this most basic, universal truth.
There're lots more. These  are just a few that popped into my head whilst writing this little ditty. Now it's time to see what the other LBC bloggers came up with. 


  1. I really like number 10, tend to say it during a conversation just in case.
    blessings to ya, Chuck ~ maxi

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  3. Anything worth doing has several "unwritten" rules that any reasonable individual should just know.

    Add to this - if something innovative has to be done than some of those unwritten rules need to break. Let at times call these rules as "assumptions"

    My post is up - You Can’t Do That!

  4. You can't do that! You simply cannot go to your prodigious memory bank and pull out topics for the LBC posts. It is unfair!

  5. dogs, and all the wilsons make the world shine. Earth wind and fire, in the form of bluegrass, windy (or 'air), sunshine on my shoulder, and water (credence clearwater) make it even better. add a little saturday, blue jeans, and stompin at the savoy, and you get good vibrations. Just foolin around. thanks for the great job you do with the music. Ps Did you know the conductor of the great Thomaner Bach choir in Dresden puts on his cowboy hat, puts down the top of his convertible, and cruises to loud beachboys after a concert?