Friday, May 29, 2015

Internationally Famous Landmarks In My Hometown.

Whilst I live in Fort Worth, this area is commonly known as the DFW Metroplex - which is convenient for this weeks LBC topic. So with that in mind  most internationally famous spot here certainly must be the Texas School Book Depository - AKA the place from which Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly shot John Kennedy November 22, `1963. These days it goes buy the name TThe Sixth Floor Museum .

Anyone who visits this area should visit the Sixth Floor Museum. Check out a part of history. Look at the Grassy Knoll. I''ve even eaten dinner at the restaurant (same booth actually) that Jack Ruby sat in the night before he shot Oswald. Was the mob involved? You decide.

.Other internationally famous landmarks?  The only other one that springs to mind is DFW International Airport unless you consider the home of America's Team - the Dallas Cowboys important. It's a beautiful, impressive stadium.

Image result for at&T stadium

That's it for this weeks LBC topic.  See ya next week 


  1. I thought about you when I saw the consortium's latest topic and was curious as to what your selection(s) would be. The Texas School Book Depository was the first thing that crossed my mind. The other one that crossed my mind was Six Flags Over Texas. I think it might have been the 1st 'Six Flags Park' but not sure.

    As far as Little Rock, I'm sure by far the Little Rock Central High School would qualify and possibly the Clinton Presidential Library although not sure about that one.

  2. 'November 22, `1963' I can tell you exactly what I was doing when the news of the assination was announced in Ireland - babysitting four young cousins! I live in a small townsadly neglected over the years and would have difficulty finding any famous landmarks.

  3. The Texas School Book Depository will always bring back the horrific event of 1963 and John F. Kennedy. I will never forget that day.
    blessings to you, Chuck ~ maxi

  4. Nice to live in a place like that!

  5. You missed the, silly as it sounds, train at the airport. Since I've yet to make a connection through there that was less than several hours, we always grab a sandwich and then take the train. Our record is twice around. the scenery is beautiful, and you meet REALLY unusual people there. ie our last trip, there was a female bounty hunter on her way to give evidence in court. the time before that, xmas, it was a quintett of singing mooses. mother, father, three kids, practicing to go visit grandma. and they were good. I love your little train.