Friday, May 15, 2015

Left and Right

This weeks topic comes from gaelika.

Any baseball fan understands the value of a switch hitter. He's the guy that takes away the advantage of the opposing pitcher by always allowing the batter to hit left-handed against a right-handed pitcher and hit right-handed against a left-handed pitcher. On rare occasions though there is an ambidextrous pitcher - one that pitches with either arm. That may lead to this.....

Now that's interesting and frankly something I used to ponder in my baseball playing days.

Now left-handers are at something of a disadvantage as we live in a decidedly right-handed world. Have you ever looked at the contortions a leftie goes through when writing? Ever see a left-handed school desk? I am surprised that in this ever more politically-correct day we do not see more left-handed desks.

Then there's the political left and right - you know them. They each thonk the other is the son of satan and so the embidiment of pure evil in the world. Nuff said - this is NOT a political discussion.

Our brains.Each side of our brain conrols certain thongs.

Are you a left-brain person or a right-brain person?

Alas it's all secondary to the most important left/right question.

Left Twix vs Right Twix Pick A Side - Twix Commercial

You decide.- I'd rather have a Snickers.


  1. I sometimes wonder if I have a brain at all!

  2. That is a fascinating clip on switch pitching! There simply cannot be anything like that in cricket.
    Unlike Grannymar, I don't have to wonder. I am a no brain person.

  3. Bi dexterous - how very amusing. What a gift. However, don't be a coquettish jerk about it. Flirt with your opponent, unsettle him if that's your style. Then stop pissing about and commit to which hand you are playing. Fair play and all that.