Saturday, June 6, 2015

Road hogs

This weeks LBC post comes from Dame Quixote - aka Padmum.

I  haven't enjoyed recreational driving much since  my time in Hawaii when my only means of transport - rain or shine - was my Suzuki 550.

In spite of enormous volumes of traffic riding the highways and back roads on Oahu was a pleasure. The bike made avoiding road hogs relatively easy, I recall hitting the north shore on the day the big waves hit - parking in the lot above Waimea Bay with a shave ice from Matsumotos and just watching in awe as the waves crashed. Then there wqs the sail plane beach - where glider pilots buzed the beach while learning to fly.

Since those halcyon days driving has been merely perfunctory - simply getting from point A to point B. Since I grew up in the SF Bay Area heavy traffic was  the norm and so it never bothered me much.  When I rode my bike I road under the assumption I had a massive target on my back and everyone was out to get me - I was the ultimate defensive driver. The net result of that was in all my years of motorcycle riding I have never laid one down or been hit.

I was recently  thinking of investing the money on a newer, bigger model to get around in my retirement -

It's approximately 3 times the engine size of my 550 and would make me  - on size alone - a road hog.  Then again, perhaps karmic entanglements over the years have used up my riding luck.  Decisions, decisions.

Regrdless, road hogs are not something I worry about. There are far too many important things with which to occupy my mind. Now I think I'll ee what the other LBC folk have to say on this subject.


  1. It would be an interesting experience to go back to biking as a means of transport in retirement. Because of my replaced and revised hip joints, I would need a trike and they are not available here. Ranjan forbids me from trying even the 125 cc Honda scooter that I own and it is used by him and Manjiree. Poor me!

  2. As I see it, go for it. oinkers away!