Friday, November 27, 2015


This week's topic comes to us from Maria.

Having recently uprooted myself and making a move from the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area to the much smaller Conover, North Carolina area it is only natural that renovations make the to-do list. And they in fact did - just not mine - unless you consider furnishing a new place renovating said place.

I moved here with nothing but some clothes. The first week I was here that loud sucking sound folks here heard was simply the money  leaving my bank account as I furnished my small 3 bedroom 2 bath mobile home. While I really have no need for a 3BR2BA place, there is a chance I may inherit  a granddaughter on a more permanent basis in the future. So until that happens, Ginger and I each have our own bedroom and there is a spare for guests. Of course Ginger insists on sleeping on my bed so I suppose we really have a pair of guest rooms.

My son Sean, on the other hand, purchased a 5BR3BA fixer upper on 1.5 acres in nearby Granite Falls. He  will be renovating for quite a while methinks. So far he has stripped and finished the hardwood floors, refurbished a bathroom and painted everything above the basement. The basement is a complete gut job  and is being demoed now. After mowing the lawn - a 2-day job with his push mower - he decided a riding mower was called for and now one sits in his garage. What was a multi-day job is now just a couple of hours. The house itself - built  around 1950 - has tons of character and is a re-modelers dream.

His original intent was to open a food truck but he has since fallen into a job  that has huge potential upside so he is giving that a try at the moment.

I - on the other hand - am very happily retired although I am exploring some part time options. The people here are very friendly. I have even met a quite attractive local lady who is an avid football (American style) fan and she currently owns bragging rights over me as her beloved Carolina Panthers devoured the Dallas Cowboys yesterday. She suggested that since I live here now I should support the local team.  Who am I to argue with such logic - LOL.


  1. Glad you are settling into your new home and have found a football fan to keep you on your toes!!

  2. I had never heard that song before. Thank you, it is good listening. I am also happy for you that you have settled down and have found exciting new things and people around! All the best old friend.