Thursday, December 10, 2015

Family Occasions

We have entered the Holiday season - an ideal time for this week's topic - Family Occasions. It's the perfect time to take your first plane ride and cross the country and visit family. That's what my new friend here in Conover is doing - hopping an airplane to visit her daughter in Portland.  Her first flight and her first visit to the left coast. Exciting times for she ad her daughter. When I asked her how her travel prep was going, in typical km fashion she said "My only decision is whether to wear my flip-flops or pack them." It's conservative country lady meets liberal Portland.

Me? Family occasions have been a mixed bag over the years, some great, most good and an occasional bummer. Almost all were marked by huge fa,ily feasts - the kind where after eating everyone hustles to their favorite spot to lay around and feel miserable.

Then there are the occasions like today - my brother recently advised me his youngest daughter Becca  was about to complete her 10-year plan to get a BA.  Tonight is the night  - go Becca. Becca  lives a lifestyle similar to a fictional character  Travis McGee. She takes her retirement in spurts now - she has worked very hard over the years and travels the world while attending college part time. I sometimes wish I'd thought of that.

Then there is the extended family. For years Lynn and I spent New Years eve with our friends. Early on it was just a group of friends and over time as each of us had kids the kids joined the party.My friends maintain that tradition, rotating the host function among the revelers. I truly miss those family occasions.

The most important thong to remember about family occasions is IMHO quite simple. Do NOT let some disagreement keep you from one. As the saying goes, yesterday is over, tomorrow is not promised so make the most of today.

You never know when  you see someone if that will be the last time you ever do. Think bout that - how do you want to remember that occasion?

That's my take on this weeks LBC topic.  See ya next time.


  1. It is not disagreement that will keep me away from family occasions but the discomfort of travel and crowds and being away from my own comfort zone.

  2. Wonderful post, Chuck. Hope you're doing okay in your new home, getting settled and comfortable. I feel a lot like Rummy.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    blessings ~ maxi