Friday, January 22, 2016

Of Pumpkins, Witches, And The Whole Nine Yards

Good 'ol Lin has come up with another fun topic for us here at the LBC.  I suspect she channeled her inner Charles Schultz. Or Charlie Brown.  Maybe a bit outta season but fitting still.

Knowing Lin I suspect she is hoping for some semi-serious commentary but Halloween is easily one of the most popular holidays in this neck of the woods.

Pumpkins.  Gotta love pumpkins. Especially the giant pumpkins grown for those seasonal contests. They taste pretty good too. I enjoy a good pumpkin latte. And the pumpkin pies. Yum. And fall. Halloween comes in the fall along with Charlie Brown's other love - baseball - in the guise of the World Series. Charlie Brown has always been a baseball fan

I was down in the dumps with him as well after that 62 series. Fortunately we - the San Francisco Giants - have more than made up for that disappointment bt winning three of the last five World Series Championships.

Now witches are a subject of a different color -  black or white.  That color references their magic - dark magic or white magic. White is the good kind - or so my magic muse Harry Dresden says. Harry is a wizard private eye in Chicago and he knows this stuff.  There's a clever article that discusses the mythology of witches - check it out if you are curious by clicking here.

Now the whole nine yards is an all ecompaassing term for everything related to the  topic. That must include kids going out trick-or-treating and collecting copious quantities of candy. I'd wager the day after Halloween - if a school day - has a significant  number of child absences for candy flu. Sadly today our society has refreshed to the point where ids are short-changed these days. When I was a kid in Pueblo, Colorado I collected large quantities of home-made treats that were superior in every way to store bought candy. There were popcorn balls, rice krispie like treats, candy and caramel apples and the like. It was great fun. Kids still have fun dressing up and collecting candy but it is simply not what it was.

Hallloween is also the time for costume parties. Adults get to dress up in cot=stumes and have some fu, The trick-or-treating in my experience  is typically replaced by s quick stroll to the bar for an adult beverage, I mean who needs all that sugar anyway?

Of course there's a tune that gets huge radio play during Halloween season - here it is done karaoke style by my late friend  RJHC - an adversary/friend from the days when I ran a sixties music board. RIP RJ -


  1. Charlie Brown had to feature in both our posts! I am surprised that the nine yards does not talk much about your football.

  2. That saying has nothing to do with football. And Halloween is closer to the World Series - baseball time!