Friday, January 1, 2016

Once Upon a Time

It's a new year. Once upon a time there was a group of people around the world that decided it would b a fun idea to have multiple people write on the same topic every Friday and thus was born the LBC.. Three or four years ago I stumbled across the group while looking for my old friend from RadioShack - Conrad. Conrad was a founding member of the LBC.  Shortly thereafter I joined and it has been an interesting and fun ride.  The players have changed and the size fluctuates but we are still a  fun loving, opinionated and lively group. No wall flowers here.

Of course once upon a time there was a great song called Once Upon a Time - a true crooners tune if ever there was one.

And who among us did not hear a bedtime story that started "Once upon a time"? I liked the scary ones best which  probably explains my attachment to the current TV show Grimm - LOL.

That's it for this weeks topic. See ya next time


  1. Sinatra and you? I had to wipe my eyes and see all over again! What a song!

  2. Wall flowers? Oh my no. Fun-loving? Try wacko as all get out. and opinionated? Wherever would you get that from? On the other hand, "every Fri-day, do or die day, aint we got fun?"

  3. Glad you are still having fun, May the inspiration flow for many more 'Once Upon a Times'!