Monday, January 18, 2016

The Hundred-Foot Journey

Helen Mirren, Indian entrepreneurial spirit, the immigration experience and food are a recipe for a fun movie experience. This thoroughly enjoyable movie takes  viewers on a journey that begins with tragedy - the destruction of a family run restaurant and the death of the mother - the chef whose magic ion the kitchen made the place successful.

The family packs up and heads off to Europe to start all over again. After a brief stop in England they end up in France where they purchase a failed restaurant that happens to be just across the street from a successful Michelin starred place run by Helen Mirren. The sub plots concern the relationships between the father - played by Om Puri and Helen Mirren and the son and Indian chef Hassan played by Manish Dayal and the sous chef at Mirrern's restaurant played  by Charlotte Le Bon. Essentially the movie is about Hassan's pursuit of his dream as it intertwines with his father's drive.

I rate this movie 4 chef knives out of five. It was thoroughly entertaining with many laughs and several tugs at the heart strings. It shows the value  strength of family and the immigrant experience bring to the table.

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  1. When I had reviewed the film last August you had commented - "Helen Mirren and cooking – what could be better? I am looking forward to seeing this one along with the second Marigold Hotel which is on the horizon." And I had responded - "Her performance is outstanding Chuck and you will not regret seeing it."