Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tolerance vs being true to yourself LBC 03/04

This weeks LBC topic is my suggestion.  It comes from listening to Hillary "it takes a village to raise a child" and the right-wing flame throwers ongoing battles. Tolerance seems to have become an oxymoron more often than not these days.

Tolerance. Given a choice I choose vanilla ice cream but I will sit at a table with chocolate fans. The truth of the matter is that I'd really rather have Toasted Almond but I have not seen that flavor on a shelf any shelf since I left California in 1994. Were I really true to myself I'd skip ice cream altogether as I believe that heaven on earth ice cfream wise is a black and tan ice cream sundae from Fentons Creamery in Oakland, CA. made with Toasted Almond ice cream and more.   Anything else is simply a poorer compromise.

For years the left wing politicos in this country have bragged about their tolerance and claimed the intelligent higher ground. All the while the right wing conservatives, especially the religious right have cried foul and hammered the left for their lack of faith in so-called Christian values that drive the right. The right plainly claims god's laws trump man's laws and consider the liberal left and their intelligentsia secular fools. The truth is both of these "extremes" are among the most intolerant folks in our society. Very little common sense escapes either of them.

We are now awash in a sea of political correctness - the nonsense that creates winter holidays and holiday trees when we were raised on Christmas trees and Christmas. I have to say - I am a non believer but in my 66 years I cannot recall ever being harmed by a Christmas tree, being told Merry Christmas Christian friends, Christmas displays in the workplace - be that workplace private or public.  What I find interesting is that we boomers - we of the great ideals that helped  change the world - raised the generation that has chased tolerance and civility from the mainstream and pushed "my way" to heights even  Sinatra couldn't imagine. Things were certainly different when I was young.

To set the record straight, I am not suggesting being true to yourself is  wrong or bad. One would hope that tolerance itself would be being true to yourself.


  1. Brittany's Prayer
    I pray each night to God above
    I pray each night for those I love
    I pray each night that I will be
    Always and ever true to me.

    I wrote this for my granddaughter when she was little and taught her the importance of that last line.
    blessings ~ maxi

  2. The left wing, right wing conundrum is universal and not peculiar to the USA. I did not specifically mention it in my LBC post, but I assure you that it is very much prevalent here too. The beauty of the situation is that both sides call each other intolerant! And I agree with your comment on my post that we are similar in many ways.

  3. The problem is - we do not consider things as a whole. There is no left no right, there has to be a balance. Those who see themselves right of center are as touch, incorrect or intolerant as their counterparts are. Balance is the name of the game - socially, individually all the way.