Thursday, March 31, 2016

April Fool

Its that time again. Once a year everything you read and see is suspect because it is April 1. April fools day. Interestingly enough, this election year here in the U.S.A. virtually everyday has seemed like April fools day with the outlandish  nonsense that is spouted by one or more candidates. It is hard to believe that one of the five remaining candidates could be our next president. There's a septuagenarian Jew, a criminal former secretary of state, a Canadian vampire, the orange-faced spawn of an orangutan and wrinkled, worn-out looking John Kasich.  But enough politics.  Time for a musical interlude.

Then there is this.....

   Following a recent product leak, Facebook executives have confirmed rumors of an unprecedented new feature which will automatically scan your Facebook News Feed for opinions, datasets, and scientific facts which might possibly upset you--then alter them to match your beliefs.
"We think the public is going to love this new feature," a Facebook correspondent informed The Satirist. "People don't want to deal with other folks' opinions unless those opinions agree with their own. Facebook's new feature will fix this problem, so everyone will seem to think what you think."
Back in April 2015, Facebook launched a beta version of this feature, which met with unanimous applause.
"I used to have to read about scientists believing that climate change is real," says one happy beta-tester. "Now, whenever I read my news feed, it tells me that science says climate change is bogus!"
The new feature employs extensive AI (Artificial Intelligence) to identify and adjust offending material--including (but not limited to): peer-reviewed articles, political propaganda, poorly-spelled rage rants, pie charts, linear regressions, and more.
"We're tired of Google Search holding the monopoly on validating the internet's confirmation biases," our Facebook correspondent explained. "We want people to be able to use the Facebook network to reach the conclusion that the bulk of humanity already believes what they believe."
Facebook plans to release this feature to its general users this upcoming fall, expecting the release to finally put an end to book-length, poorly-written inflammatory rants about how other people have all the facts wrong.

Thank you  Satirist Newsletter.

Reader beware -

See ya next week,same bat time, same bat channel for more LBC discussion



  1. I did wonder if you would add songs and am glad that you have chosen two though not quite apt for the specific topic. Your description of the politicians had me grinning as I read them and the fake news is hilarious too. Thanks for the laughs.

  2. Bet that faux FB article would set set a lot of people on fire. Love the Doobie Brothers oldie goldie.
    blessings ~ maxi