Thursday, May 19, 2016

You Know You're a Foreigner When....LBC

If it's Friday it must be LBC day. This week's topic was suggested by Lin. You Know You're a Foreigner When...... 
  1. the football being talked about uses a round ball
  2. the holidays celebrated are different than yours
  3. you constantly get asked for your passport
  4. its hard to find a hamburger- even a bad one
  5. eating with your fingers is the norm -regardless what is on the plate
  6. the movies in the theaters come from Bollywood
  7. cricket is more popular than baseball 
  8. you are an immigrant
  9. you are a yank and find all of the toilet paper sucks 
  10. the bartender stares blankly when you order a Coors
  11. gas isn't sold by the gallon
  12. you spell color and favorite without the "u" everyone else uses 
  13. you are one of these guys ----> 
  14. David Hasselhoff is a popular entertainer
  15. The Hoover is in a cupboard on the first-floor landing.
  16. you can only order beer or ask  where the bathroom is wherever you are
  17.  you automatically want to drive on the wrong side of the road
  18. your accent is different from  everyone else
  19. street  signs look like this  Image result for signs you are in a foreign country 
Now if you live in the USA these  things can apply from state to state. After 20 plus years in Texas I can unequivocally state that Texas seems like a foreign country.  Texans believe in God, Texas, family above all else. I'm not even  sure USA makes the top 10. 

Occasionally there is a song that is in a foreign language that becomes a huge hit in another country or countries - just such a song makes my all time topp 10 lost whenever I make it up. The other 9 may  change but this song is always on the list -

and then there is this - 

Even being a foreigner does not stop one from embracing music - I  am certain Lin feels the same way.


  1. Simply fantastic. Exhaustive and as usual with the inevitable music thrown in and thoroughly entertaining. Not only Lin, even I feel that being a foreigner does not stop one from embracing music.

  2. Nice job, S-man. when you're right, you're right. Although I once had to watch a Japanese Valkyrie yell "my heart", and,even though every syllable was perfectly correctly pronounced, made a grab at her mid-section, since she thought the text was that she was being stabbed. She got a standing ovation, though. Life in a foreign country.