Thursday, May 5, 2016

Growing Old vs Growing Up

Thia weeks topic is pretty well covered  by recent topics in April - The Old Days and Aging. I pretty well established the notion that everyone grows old chronologically speaking but not everyone necessarily grows up - maturity has proven elusive for some of us.

Growing old begins at the moment of birth and continues until the moment the lights switch off- death.  While on that path of life we hope we grow up - develop the skills and a level of maturity that enables us to deal with the  trials and tribulations of life. Everybody has a degree of tsuris in life. How we deal with it determines how successful our lives are. Our culture provides the standards by which we determine the degree of success or failure. 

Life is a balancing act of sorts. We need to find the balance between what  want and what we need.  And thenprocess put it all together, mix it up and make a life. A child is someone who passes through your life, and then disappears into an adult if you get it right.

Growing old is simply a biological  process but growing up requires changes of a different nature. Ideas change, friends change, life changes.

And when you reach the end of the line if you have resisted properly, you have grown old but still are still crazy,,,

Then of  course there is my personal anthem  on the matter - one you've heard from me many times


Hope you enjoyed the short concert - it surely beat the heck outta the written part.


  1. For once, we seem to have different ideas on the topic! Any way, my compliments on a well presented case for the differences in our perceptions.

  2. Snoopy, Puff, and Dylan. A real three dog night.
    Love the written too.

  3. I like your thinking and your musical numbers!