Thursday, February 15, 2018

Fulfillment 2-on-1 #7

Fulfillment. Achieving something desired. Most of us start out as children with big dreams. I suspect most of those childhood dreams are destined to remain unfulfilled as when we are young our goals tend to be unrealistic since our parents typically fill us with notions like "you can do anything" - one of the great lies children are told. Add to that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy (from my western perspective) - and you get my point. In my case, I never made it to the NFL or MLB so  my childhood dreams remain unfulfilled. Fear not, though, as my psyche remains intact. I think.

As we grow up and hopefully mature,  we adapt to reality. Work hard, do your best replaces you can do anything. Education fuels our dreams. Reach for the stars and learn from your mistakes. Press on - my old friend Dave Wegenka used to say. Sage advice. So I never pitched in a World Series but I had a lot of fun playing softball well into my 40s. That certainly contributed  to both my happiness and sanity over the years. Original dream fulfilled? Nope, but, the realities of life allowed me to modify my hopes and dreams - what really happened while I was busy making other plans in that regard turned out okay.

Like many of my generation, when the blitzkrieg known as the British Invasion hit, I took up the guitar with dreams of being a rock star. That did not work out so well, as dreams go. But my love of that music remained and I remained interested - and thanhks to the Internet, eventually I became close friends with the man who wrote several million sellers for The Dave  Clark 5, perhaps the best known being the following:

Again, things in that regard turned out okay.  I never became a  rock star but the music of that period in my life has brought me much pleasure, many friends, and helped keep me going through many tough times. Original dream unfulfilled, replacement dream very much fulfilled.

I have always been shy, and for years helped feed the notion I was a big, dumb jock.  I was never a ladies man nor was I one of those arrogaant jock types or one of the cool kids.  As such,  though I dreamed of a happy life with someone, my social life re the opposite sex was certainly nothing to brag about. Eventually, though, I met the "one", things clicked and we were together for over 45 years until she  succumbed to Huntington's Disease - a condition appropriately characterized as the disease that is the child of the union of Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimers.  Our legacy of 2 children and 5 grandchildren - in spite of a  fair degree of family dysfunction, means that dream goes into the fulfilled  side of the ledger.

I love to write. I have started the great American novel but, alas, it remains unfinished on a memory stick in my drawer. Who knows if it will ever be finished - certainly not I. My writing these days is what happens on this blog and though it is certainly enjoyable, no literary giant is being spawned.  The jury is still out on this dream.

What dreams are left? I really have only one of note - to win the lottery and move to Nevada City in Northern California and enjoy what remains of my days. And each time I play the lottery and do not win, I take heart knowing I am helping fund education in my state. Seems like a win-win dream to me, fulfilling in many ways.

That's my quick take on this weeks topic. Be sure to check Ramana's take on his chosen topic  here.  See ya next week.


  1. In my book, whether you became or not a rock star, you rock. I hope that the dream of writing gets fulfilled soon and that will become your lottery to make you a fullfillionaire about which I have written,\.

    All the best.

  2. Alas, my frinhd, I am a realist and fully expect my days to end in North Carolina - a place I hate. I shall remain here blogging for the forseeable future but my optimism for life in general is fading fast as I fear the culture here is rapidly becoming sdometrhing of which I want no part.

  3. I think you should finish your novel.
    or even perhaps write one on your life until now.
    every time you post about it is amazing.
    I see you in Nevada City. it can happen. and for you it should. even if you live in a cool little RV!
    I've been subscribing to a guy who did the same thing.
    he first didn't see how he could. now he loves it and can't imagine living any other way.
    not a cheerleader yelling in the wind here! just a thought. and if/when his kids want to see him they know where to find him!