Thursday, February 1, 2018

Theory and Practice 2-on-1 #5

Theory and practice. That is a term/phrase I'm sure we have all heard before.

A successful baseball related moviead had a variation of the theme with "if you  build it, they will come." The theory was proven true - both in the film and in the real world. In the film - Field of Dreams - the Kevin Costner character builds a baseball diamond on his farm that  attracts  ghosts of  baseball players past (including the Costner character's father) and generates sufficient income to save the family farm. In the real world, that baseball diamond became a real tourist attraction. The theory was proven in practice.

There are a couple of theories that most of us have heard about for years - Einstein's Theory of Relativity and Darwin's Theory of Evolution. Einstein revolutionized physics and science with his theories that have been proven correct and led to the development of nuclear weapons and more importantly space travel and the myriad inventions that benefit us daily that sprang from the space race 

Darwin's theory of evolution is under constant attack by the religtious right in this country. They advance the theory called Creationism and use bible passages as scientific proof of their theory. They claim the earth is closer to 6000 years old and reject the notion that man and ape evolved from a common ancester In practice,  humans and chimpanzees share almost 99% of the same DNA and we also share genes with plants - including bananas . In practice it appears Evolution passes the test, Creationism and its Intelligent Design not so much.  Of course there are also troublemakers like me who suggest that perhaps Evolution itself is an Intelligent Design. 

Theories surround us everywhere. How many theories are there on child rearing?? Late night TV here is bombarded by get rich quick schemes that you can buy - and if you follow the steps you will get rich. Then there are the dietary programs. So many choices. One theory that seems to work in practice is the gadget marketing scheme that for just 19.95  or less you can purchaase the latest wonder gadget but wait- act now and get two for the same price, just pay a separte handling charge.  To see several of these ads just search TV ads on youtube and get ready for a good laugh.

I must admit - that meatball maker looks interesting - LOL.

So that is a quick l;ook at Ramana's topic. Be sure to check out his take on it here.


  1. For once, we have diverged! I have taken pains and personal experiences to show that practice and theory are different.

    Just goes to show that topics like this can be viewed from more than one point of view!

  2. Absolutewly! I have suggested in other posts that the real world is different from school and your experiences bear that out.