Thursday, February 8, 2018

What is your favoite place of all the places you have been? 2-on-1 #6

This week I threw a curveball to my blogging partner Ramana. The topic is intentionally vague and open to  interpretation. It was influenced by those many Facebook lists that make the rounds seemingly daily to allow friends to get to know you better. Truth be told, they probably simply  influence the ads you receive, but they can be a bit of fun. With that in mind, off we go..

Favorite place I have  lived - Northern California, hands down. From its  spectacular climate, incredible scenery and in spite of its ultra-liberal politics

The only place even close is Hawaii

Favorite city I have visited - Toronto, Ontario. Although it was many years ago, I saw women riding  the subway system alone after midnight, people were exceedingly friendly and I have never seen a city that size so clean.

Favorite vacation  - whitewater rafting on the American River (again years ago but oh what fun it was

Favorite concert - several -  Dave Clark 5 in 66,  Beatles - Candlestick Park in 66,  Kenny  Rankin - the Boarding House 69, the Association at Cal State Hayward '68, Moody Blues Concord  Pavilion '94 or  so, Neil Diamond Cow Palace Daly City 94 or so.  Over the years I have been to 50 or more concerts

Favorite place I have yet to visit - England, Pune India - one due to my heritage, the other to have a face-to-face with Ramana

Favorite fast food place  - Jack in the Box - love those tacos  :)

Favorite place to be since retiring - anyplace with my fully charged Kindle.

Favorite place in the USA I'd like to visit and why?  Alaska - Dana Stabenow paints a fascinating picture of Alaska and the folks who live there in her Kate Shugak book series.

I'd like to use this to revisit any fave place or find new favorites   what the heck, someone wins the lottery every week and ther is that nice big place in Nevada City, CA I'd like to buy to keep  the car safe and sound.......

With all of the nonsense going on these days in the real world, I thought it was worth taking a break from that  and paying a brief visit to the lighter side of things.

 Be sure to see Ramana's take here.


  1. Having read your take, I understand what you meant by 'place' in the topic. I took one that covers just about all the variations that you have brought in and am delighted that your choice of at least one place is mine too.

  2. Actually it was intentionally vague. Like you, I get a kick out of mnany of those FB lists.