Friday, May 31, 2013


Tomorrow.  The only guarantee is that tomorrow will come.  Whether we will see it is unknown.  A crapshoot.

Don't count on tomorrow to fix things.  Don't wait until tomorrw to tell those you love how you feel. Don't count on tomorrow to let you apologize for your mistakes.

Everyone plans for tomorrow.  We all count on tomorrow. It's only natural for most of us.  As bad as today seems, tomorrow is another day. But today is yesterday's tomorrow. So how's that working out for you?

Best to not live in yesterday, but live for today and hope for tomorrow. Just remember - there are NO guarantees. Life's a journey - 

That's my take on tomorrow. Check out what my friends in the LBC have to say.


  1. Once again a brilliant collection to convey a powerful message. The lyrics of each of the songs are simply mind boggling. Great post Shackman.

  2. And a helluva powerful take it is, my friend!

  3. "Don't count on tomorrow to fix things": Probably the best statement I've heard so far on the subject! And we shouldn't wait until tomorrow to be happy because we never know what tomorrow will bring. We just have to enjoy today. :)

  4. I set the topic, yet I was so caught up in today that I had no time to think about tomorrow. :sad: