Thursday, April 14, 2016


Fresh on the heels of last weeks Old Days comes this weeks topic - Aging. Ramana proposed the topic and since he does not eat meat I think it is a safe assumption he was  not thinking wet or dry when he conjured said topic.

Truth be told, when you consider wet and dry aging both refer to methods of meat spoilage allegedly to increase the flavor maybe Rummy has the right idea.

Now when it comes to adult beverages like wine  and single-malt whiskey. aging does improve the taste. I have personally experimented numerous times over the years and can conclusively say it is a fact. 12-yr old Glenlivet is excellent, 18-yr and 21-yr old Glenlivet are even better. I suspect the adage holds true for other adult beverages although most of my experience is with single-malts and red wine - along with beer.  And even  though I am not a wine aficionado by any stretch of the imagination, I know last weeks Merlot will taste better in a yea

From the moment of our birth we begin the aging process until it stops. As part of the process we grow up - and out. Our hair changes color, typically going to some shade of gray. In some cases the hair flees the scene. But no matter what, there are fundamental things that occur as we age.

Joints may ache due to years of abuse or arthritis. Some places on our body may sag a bit as we age. And occasionally we have memory lapses. 

But through it all, the aging process is just that - a process. Every day it moves us toward the end of the line.

Speaking of which - it is time to see what the other LBC posters have to say about aging.



  1. I doff my topi to you Shackman for the wet and dry approach to aging and the lovely selection, as usual, of the old music which again is part of our aging process.

  2. I'm wet aging... I live in Ireland and we have to pay for our forty shades of green with rain for some part of each day! :(