Friday, April 29, 2016

Does That Sleigh Have Brake Lights, Mr Claus? LBC

Regulations. It's all about regulations. Its all for the greater good. It simply isn't safe to have  fat guys in red suits running around in sleighs without brake lights. Even with the plethora of new cars being advertised that stop on their own. People traveling behind that sleigh should all have the opportunity to be warned by brake lights.
Image result for cartoon santa sleigh

And another thing - do reindeer poop when pulling that sleigh? How many sleigh followers have  had their windshields covered in  reindeer poop? Clearly another safety issue. Another regulation needed, to be sure.  We need to make travel safe for all, don't ya know.

And that bag. Clearly Mr. Claus cannot see clearly behind him with that big bag - at least for half of his trip.  Another regulation crying to be in place.

Clearly we must consider regulating Christmas to keep everyone safe from that accident waiting to happen - aka Santa in his sleigh. I mean he has already taken out Grandma. Who is next? We simply cannot allow this to continue unregulated. We have plenty of time ot get this atrocity 
 before the holiday season assaults our senses with Christmas ads, floating heads Santas and barking dogs.

This weeks tussle with insanity was suggested by Lin.


  1. It occurs to me that you will make a perfect Santa Claus. Perhaps you should audience for the role and you can of course insist on regulations!

  2. omg.
    things here i've never thought of.
    i'm surprised the north pole isn't full of litigation lawyers.