Thursday, April 21, 2016

I Think My Dancing School Diploma Just Expired LBC Post

This weeks topic comes from the fertile mind of Lin - methinks this is her musical equivalent of a fractal equation from her mathematician better half. How did she even know a buffalo petite such as I had a dancing school diploma?  Alas - when the knees go so does the dancing and my knees are long gone. Diploma expired. Condemned to sitting and watching. Aided by  a few adult beverages. Another of those life changing events.

I have mentioned before that at one time I was a member of a Polynesian dance troupe. True story. One of the many things I did was the Samoan fire knife.I was pretty good at it too - but admittedly was never as good looking as the guy in this photo but I could do the knife tricks. The Samoan knife dances sere the mostr fun  things we did as far as I was concerned but the Maori Hakas were a close second. - maybe because those bead skirts were more manly that th egrass skirts we wore for Tahitian.


New Zealand sport teams perform hakas prior to international matches -  check out the American pro basketball player responses in this one.

My dancing career lasted about three years and ended about the time I quit playing football in college. Lynn was not thrilled about the coed dressing rooms and stuff like that.The friend that got me involved is now a well respected Kumu with a professional dance troupe he He's been one of my best friends since  sixth grade. And there are NO existing photos of me in a grass skirt Ramana so don't ask.


  1. No, Shackman, I shan't ask. The NZ Haka dance has a very deep philosophical background to it and every school child there learns the dance and hopes to play for NZ so that they can perform the Haka!

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  3. they are typiclly challenges prior to battle - great fun to perform, especially kamate